On Timing

Timing should not be underestimated as a manifesting force.

Is not enough to intend something, not enough to believe something, not enough to gather all your will towards something, not enough to act towards the manifestation of something. Perhaps timing is the critical factor that changes the entire game. To wait for the right moment, to seize the right moment when the tide turns and surf with that tide.

All the rest is just practice for that moment. You need to intend, you need to believe, you need to strengthen and focus your will and you need to keep acting practicing for the right moment. If you believe in the existence of that moment, is inevitable that you will recognize it and seize it..

Is like a burst into the space-time and when it arrives it takes no effort to act. Because there is no acting, is just the recognition of its existence, the ultimate presence, ultimate not because is more or bigger than other experiences of presence, but because is the well-timed one that voids time & effort.


Perhaps the key is not what but when.

Even the most brilliant, well-intentioned, powerful ideas or projects are pointless in terms of manifestation if they are out of sync in terms of timing.

While on the other hand a well-timed action can be tremendously powerful even if is relatively small in scope, intention or vision. It can be like a small ripple that can be transformed into a tidal wave.

From that perspective paying attention to timing requires presence rather than resources, determination, capability.

Timing does not waste energy and is the most efficient form of action.

However one may argue that preparation and accumulation of energy through clear intention and determination is imperative in order to aggregate the energetic momentum to be used when the right timing is reached and recognized.

Its like 2 phases, the first a phase of tension and the second a phase of release.

The perception of consciousness gets so diluted in order to be perceived that defeats the purity of consciousness. So who wants what? Who needs what?

What is that which wants or needs to experience, to express what ? What is the purpose of consciousness wanting to evolve, experience creation through time and space? Our Soul/human perception needs a reason, a justification, a purpose, a meaning and an expectation of a result. The concept of an existence without these is incomprehensible, confusing and futile. Allowing for the possibility of life without meaning in a sense of a direction without an end, allowing for the possibility of a life with multiple structural contradictions is not an acceptable life by the Soul and its human projection.Is it even possible for consciousness to experience itself ….wait a minute…all these questions are pointless.

A question cannot be perceived and formed if it has not already been separated from its answer

A question trying to find its answer, fear trying to find its courage, denial trying to find its acceptance,   worry trying to find peace, hatred trying to find love, doubt trying to find certainty, grief trying to find compassion, control trying to find surrender

Being here and now means to be so cruelly honest as to recognize these futile dichotomies and embrace their contradiction, eliminating the need to choose or to move towards one or away from another one , basically voiding their illusionary independent existence and seeming conflict and distance.

The lack of distance and direction voids the need for time, nothing needs to move somewhere or “somewhen”

Well all the above is a futile way to deal with.

The question does not exist because is separated from its simultaneous answer.

Only the Soul can ask questions pretending that the answers are separated from the questions and need to be reunified somehow in time

Every question has multiple answers and every answer can be reached by multiple questions

But truly every question has a matching answer because they are part of an undivided whole.

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