On Laziness & Honesty

There is a human reaction that resembles laziness.

It has elements of fear which causes a freezing inaction .

It has elements of joy which causes an inaction due to the effect of the bliss.

It also has elements of grief that cause surrender & inaction too.

It has elements of disgust that leads to detachment & inaction.

It also triggers anhsyxia/inquietude trying to fill up time with irrelevant actions.

The recognition of all the above stimulates anger and frustration primarily against oneself because it considers it betrayal to its true nature.

In short Laziness triggers all the emotions and it permeates life in all its expressions and depths.

When having the precious free time to do exactly what you always wanted to do, you get lazy and do nothing or do anything else but that.

Even when you are in bliss, of wisdom or love, somehow you end up in the same space of laziness, initially because in fact nothing needs to be done and no action is required, which then degrades into an inaction due to the drug effect that bliss has on you.

Most likely releases serotonin or some tranquilizing hormone. Does the hypothalamus order that release? Why?

Its amazing that laziness is present in both deep satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction. Of course almost always is undetected either due to tasks and responsibilities which habitually fill our daily life or it appears as a result of a set of external events & circumstances that bring about boredom and dissatisfaction or related to “surrender to life’s flow” which due to bliss generation voids the need for any action.

What is this laziness really? Where does it originate from and what does it serve?

It definitely serves to trigger all the emotions and to immobilize us and prevent us from being in true presence.

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