Justice & Crime

Justice & Crime

WREAL has brought Justice to its original concept and purpose.

To remind to people the universal energy laws so they can be aligned and in harmony with them and with each other. To raise the spiritual awareness that we are not isolated humans but instead we are an interaction of Soul consciousness which reflect the Universal source in a holographic manner and all our apparent differences are simply reflections of light giving an illusionary appearance of a range of colors.

Judges in the JudicialBoards are only children (10-17y old for civil cases and 4-9y old for criminal cases)

They are selected directly by the communities on a local, regional or global scale and are confirmed by the children Trustees.

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These children “Adjusters” as they are called, have enhanced psychic powers of clairaudience & clairvoyance as they need to determine where the cause of the imbalance is on a Soul level, in a similar way that medicine old men/women used to rule in more traditional indigenous societies.

WREAL announced that the concept would be expanded in the years to come by introducing the concept under which the judicial rulings which are called “Adjustments” are to be made by the quarreling or culprit parties themselves through a self-awareness process involving meditations, shamanic rituals and emotional healing. So rather than passing a sentence, they are given the opportunity to access their inner core and realize the unity.

Of course the long conditioning of the human race requires time until changes are manifested.

However in the mean-time, sentences and rulings are not of a punishment type but instead opportunities to actively demonstrate empathy, compassion & unconditionality as a bridge towards Soul healing.

A hugely magnified form of social service.

Another highly controversial social issue has been Crime. Of course crime is a very general term that includes everything from simple petty theft, burglaries, corruption, white collar crime, violence, terrorism, war among many others. However crime cannot possibly be dealt with in the societies we lived because the entire structure of the social, political, economic and cultural system is flawed and intentionally perpetuates what it supposedly trying to deal with.

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According to WREAL, the types and frequency of crime reflect exactly the profile of the specific society where that crime occurs. Crime is not a side effect of society`s function. It is a mirror of society. We fail to see it because we are all in denial. If we could pay attention we could learn a lot from crime, it could be a tool of awareness.

Instead, the system has been using crime for its own ends, making it an essential integral component of its own survival, intentionally preserving crime in order to install enough fear to the populations it controls and build a significant economic activity around it through need for products & services of protection, law enforcement, judicial apparatus, crime organizations of all sizes, recycling of the crime proceeds through the economy.

Therefore WREAL insists that unless the entire fabric of society shifts, is a futile battle. Everything in society needs to be addressed at the same time. But even if all social ills of society disappear, there would still be a time period of `detoxification` until all humans settle to a new reality.

So on the one hand WREAL works on making the necessary changes in all parts of the system while trying to implement methods to deal with continuing crime, especially violent one

It has been working on experimental forms of “adjustment”, such as

utilizing Virtual Reality as a tool of protection of human life in case of murders and sexual abuses.

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Psychic clairvoyants, mostly children, have been training Deep Learning AI Conscious networks, called SILCON

(Silicon Consciousness) for years in order to determine the energetic patterns that lead to murders and intercept them in space-time before occurrence – somewhat like that old movie called “Minority Report”.

However instead of using this interception for control of humanity or for police enforcement or financial gain, the focus is in having the AI technology preempt the actual event by projecting a virtual reality script to the involved parties without altering the circumstances.

Instead overlaying the VR over the actual people,

so that the “event” occurs unchanged in Virtual Reality rather than Human reality. images

None of the participants would detect the difference because it would appear totally real and would not alter the sequence of events or the energetic and emotional charge associated with the murders or sexual abuses.

The only crucial difference would be that nobody would actually humanly die or been sexually abused, giving an opportunity for the entire karmic event to be “adjusted” without the irreversibility of human death or abuse and in that way break the karmic cycle that human experience is trapped in, due to the Soul agonizing search for equilibrium that creates a never-ending disequilibrium.

WREAL has been working on that since 2025 but once this information was first revealed in 2030, WREAL has been asked to comment whether it would also be applied towards other types of deaths like fatal accidents or fatal diseases and preserve human life under all circumstances.

WREAL has answered that most likely it won’t apply this technology to other forms of human death that don’t involve a Soul interaction. The reason WREAL gave is that it believed that

“Souls” choose to have their human projections terminated by a disease or an accident but is still their decision and nobody should interfere with those decisions.

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However In the case of realized murders (not attempts) as well as sexual abuses or rapes, although these events cannot possibly manifest without the consent of “all involved Souls”, still the energy disequilibrium that it causes, creates a strong ripple effect across the Soul dimension and

traps these Souls in a deep karmic loop of “blame & guilt”. images

WREAL repeats that in reality these Souls are not separate but are instead a unified frequency field with a certain fluctuation range, which gives the illusion of difference.

However this is how they experience these “karmic events” so that perception needs to be addressed too.


That energetic shock makes very difficult for the Souls to overcome and clear and they get tangled in a vicious cycle. The energetic damage caused to all Souls involved in murders and sexual abuses is severe and perpetuates the illusion of separateness from the Source.  That is something that can be avoided without interfering into the Soul decisions about their own experience.

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Is like a severe traffic accident of 2 cars colluding where both have an airbag. You can still crash with the other car and have the full experience of the crash but nobody dies. It’s a near death experience where you can revisit and reexamine and release the energy that led to that strong desire to kill or sexually abuse the other person in the other car as well as the other person to reexamine why he wanted to be killed or abused by another.

Both can release unresolved energetic patterns this time and be liberated from it all, rather than tangle in repeated attempts to kill each other in future crashes.

Truly has nothing to do with preserving human life but instead respect the Soul journeys and focus in facilitating and accelerating Soul evolution.