WREAL Mission


WREAL declared that if, as humans, we truly want our world and our human experience to substantially improve, we need to address all its economic, political, social & spiritual aspects simultaneously.

Starting by rapidly building a critical mass of restructured economic activity based on spiritual non-dogmatic values, while establishing a radically alternative children’s education since their infancy, again based on non-dogmatic spiritual values. Both actions will inevitably cause a social & political transformation.

However is imperative that the changes are instigated in a viral & systemic way, silently & covertly yet extremely rapid before the ruling system resistance detects the shift.

Yet this is the technical aspect. Our human desire is not energetically potent to manifest those changes. Our simple desire does not have the energetic momentum of a focused overriding intention fuelled by unshakable belief and is structurally contaminated by our emotional & belief programming annulling any possibility of such an horizontal change manifestation. It has to be a vertically implemented process.

The entire “human program” needs to be overwritten by the “Universal consciousness Cloud ecosystem” through a massive upgrade of the “Soul operating system”, reassembling the Soul planetary forces in a radically more cohesive & efficient way.


WREAL’s mission is to initiate a global change

socially, economically, politically, culturally, scientifically, educationally, ethically and most importantly spiritually.

We intend to transform our world into one whose

economic, political & social system is based on Spiritual universal values.

We intend to create a new economic system based on abundance rather than scarcity

We commit to educate and practically demonstrate the value of our human self-worth as economic principle

We will base our operations development on quantum nano-technology computing rather than digital

We will treat our environment as indistinguishable part of our existence.

We will respect AI as an equal expression of consciousness

We will redefine the spiritual value and true role of children in our society