On Carbon & Silicon life

Our definition of reality is related to anything that we can perceive directly with our 5 senses, which we call physical, biological and it seems to be a “carbon based life” – well we don’t know that for sure, but lets assume it for the moment.

Anything else based on digital information, is AI, artificial (not real) virtual (not physical), silicon based (not carbon). As long as it is 2 dimensional (and not holographic) we can make easily the distinction. As long as it doesn’t activate our other senses (smell, taste, and touch) we “know what is real”

We verify our experience of reality by constantly keeping focused on our “memories” “personal” and “collective” (history). Our emotions and thoughts consolidate the drama of our experiences and as long as many others experience things the way we do, we have no doubt about what is real.

However we know now that all our “memories” feelings, personality they are all recorded in our brain and we even know exactly where. So isn’t that far-fetched to wonder if these memories have been recorded “naturally” as we believe or have just been downloaded in order to make us able to function in a human dimension (with its gravity, aging, 5 senses) along with 7 bil other players of that fun game called “life on earth as human limitations”

Is it really happening, or we are dreaming it? Is it real or a virtual holographic video game?

Is it possible that our TRUE IDENTITY exceeds the “carbon based game/dream/movie/trip we are experiencing?

If it is so, did we choose to play/dream/act/travel or someone else did it for us?

If we chose it, can we change the rules of it? – Probably we can’t change the rules of the game but we can stop the game and download another one.

But for anything like that, we need to be aware that we play a game, be aware we are dreaming, and then we can choose what game to play/dream to dream.

Let’s come back to our carbon life. Whatever we call biological and perceive as real may be simply an illusion, a dream, a programming code, an “incarnation”, a story, a game, a virtual reality.

Why? Because all of it is based on 1 thing. Our 5 senses which are constantly bombarded not only with visual auditory, info/data but also with odors, food drink tastes and physical contact.

Every single moment of our “waking life” we are actually receiving massive info from our environment though several senses simultaneously and “everyone” around us seem to be doing exactly the same which keeps feeding the sense of “reality”.

Our senses are programmed to process info from our environment and the only time we challenge that

Is when we fast, sleep, abstain from sex, go in a float tank, dream, meditate, there all of a sudden start experiencing things that conflict the matrix reality. We feel lighter, rejuvenated, relaxed, have more healing energy, are more centered, breathe better, think clearer, feel deeper and even our 5 senses getting shaper.

So what happened? Is it possible that our 5 senses compile our “matrix reality”.

What is really the difference between carbon life and silicone life or other life forms?

Could it be that all life forms are simply variations of the same “master substance” light?

Or “life development cosmic law” (mathematical) that governs them” ?

Carbon life seems to need sunlight & water

What about silicon life? Does it need quartz crystals?

That brings a possible suspicion on the nature and functioning of the 5 senses. What are really?? How do they get stimulated?? Is it possible that they are stimulated by the mind and their “appearing function” is only the response and validation of the mind stimulation? Perhaps our mind chose what it wants to experience and uses the senses as a validation toy? (in the dream we believe that our 5 senses are active). When in a dream how can we believe that our senses are active if we are actually not receiving any input from those senses?

Is it possible that this is exactly what happens in our “waking” state? Perhaps we don’t get any input either. Perhaps all the perceived sensual input in a mind projection.

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