On Suffering

It is well understood that suffering is the result of unfulfilled desire and attachment to fixed expectations. Buddhism has clearly and loudly made us aware of that.

However there is another layer of suffering that originates from another source. The source is of course the mind itself but it has a more sinister twist. We have been deliberately seeking pain & suffering. Suffering and pain actually represent a type of a reward. It is not just the seeking of suffering which is twisted; it is the actual suffering itself. It becomes a liberating force, a fulfillment.

It is so hard to believe and accept that but a serious honest reflection and observation of ourselves and others around us can provide a loud evidence of that truth.

Why would be doing something like that? Simple: Guilt and lack of self worth. We firmly believe that we don’t deserve happiness & love and instead we need punishment, to feel pain and suffer. Implementing that belief brings us a sense of peace and fulfillment.

This is a sort of a “viral infection”, so deeply programmed that even if we stay clear of human desire and attachment, pain & suffering still runs on an even deeper layer, on a soul level.

So why our souls don’t want to let go of pain and get hooked on suffering?

Because they believe that’s all the LOVE they have got left

Here is how it goes the twisted association.

– The pain and the suffering are the result of the experience of the self –inflicted punishment of the Soul for its betrayal of the Universal Source (God).

– The punishment for that betrayal is associated with the betrayal itself.

– Which in turn is associated with the Source that they betrayed.

– The Source is the source of LOVE

– So pain is LOVE

Why would they possibly let pain go, if they believe that? Of course Souls would cling to the suffering as the only link to love itself which they still remember.

This association is even more obvious in all abuse situations, verbal, physical, sexual.

How can you then judge the actions of any Soul`s self-destructive karmic journey?  Everything makes sense and can only feel compassion for them

Exploring suffering from a different angle, why do we want to make others feel better and not suffer?

Is it truly their well being we have at heart or it may be that their suffering annoys us because it remind us of our own suffering, the existence of suffering?

Why do we need the chronic suffering of others in our life? Ok it is them who suffer but why do we need to experience that? Because it distract us from our own suffering? Their suffering somehow validates that we are ok and not suffering?

Or perhaps because it reflects our own suffering? And the external existence of suffering serves as an invitation we have set for our own awakening?

And of course the question, is it suffering real at all? Why do we keep reacting to it validating its existence? Could it simply be a program, a vibrational frequency which makes it appear real in the human and soul dimensions?

A fundamental axiom of the Bible where Judaism, Christianity and Islam are based is the original sin of man and his expulsion from Paradise. We need to repent for our sins and ask Lord`s forgiveness. Also we need to forgive our enemies for what they have done to us. So we can be worthy enough to go back to Paradise after this life ends.

Of course this interpretation undermines every possibility for that to happen. The associated guilt for the original sin is played over and over again in our lives feeling guilty for failing God and the certainty and belief that we have been as Souls expelled from his Kingdom and we are separate makes it impossible to return. The agony over how to rectify this keeps causing new events and circumstances which entraps us once again perpetuating the agony and sense of failure.

However this is not what the Bible meant. First of all it was describing the illusionary belief of our Souls that have sinned and for that have been expelled-separated from the Source and that there is a way to return by recognizing objectively & honestly our souls faults and the harm they caused to others and `repent` meaning asking to be let go by The Source while at the same time forgive the ones that harmed us and let them go. The simultaneous recognition of both `sins` committed, illuminates the field making it possible to see them as one thing without a villain and victim and letting go of the entire necessity to experience either end. That makes the Soul worthy to be reunited with the Source, because it can recognize that there was no separation ever, only the Soul program was creating that `reality`

Behind the 4 noble truths, that life is suffering, what is the cause of suffering, there can be an end of suffering, and what is the path that leads to the end of suffering.

There is another truth

That in fact there is NO suffering, there is NO cause of suffering other than that is a simple program that the Soul dimension has adopted and believed as true. Therefore there is NO end to it and NO path out of it because it has not existed.

Of course Buddhism talks about the suffering in the Soul dimension and in that dimension and its corresponding human projection there is the experience of suffering. However combating suffering from inside the dimension of suffering is futile. We need to embrace the reality of the Source dimension, from which the illusion is clear.

So here is possible “method”. First you identify the repeated pattern, which indicates the Soul`s need to experience the defined feeling i.e feeling not understood, not supported, betrayed, abandoned (which creates a reaction of righteousness, victimization, blame, judgment, mistrust, OR self-doubt, guilt, self-punishment)

Then you ask why you need to live that experience, so you  the reason behind its need. What does it serve? Where does it lead your Soul? You may not hear an answer but ask the question anyway.

If the reason behind it is to feel either guilt & self-punishment or righteousness & judgment ask yourself how important has been to experience that feeling?  What has been offering you so far? Meaning? Security? Support of something familiar & dependable?

Has your life experience created circumstances whereas your actions may have caused to others feelings of not be supported by you, feeling victims of you, betrayed by you, abandoned by you, which you may have not even noticed or barely remembered? Be honest. Be careful here, if you see the result of your actions don`t start feeling guilty. Just see it as it is, with no judgment.

If so, can you see the connection, how similar they are, how unwillingly you caused those feelings to others and how unwillingly they caused them to you?  The lack of judgment liberates the energy at both ends, the transmitting & the receiving one.

Here is a seeming contradiction but pay attention. It works on 2 levels, the Soul level and the Source level:

On the Soul level you need to a) honestly recognize the harm you caused to them and ask for their forgiveness-letting go (but without feeling any guilt) while b) at the same time you forgive-let go the ones who caused you the harm because they did not do it intentionally. This the true meaning of repenting in Christianity and once you confess your sins and repent asking the Lord for forgiveness, the Lord always forgives you and accepts you in his arms because it loves you unconditionally. The same goes for your forgiveness to the ones who harmed you because like Jesus said, `forgive them father because they don`t know what they are doing`

On the Source level there is a recognition that none of this actually happened or happening. You or the others and all the associated feelings have committed no sins and all the possible reactions to them are all scripted in a specific program that Souls use for their karmic interactions. These are made up stories which create the web of karma but are not real just as sins are not real, the suffering occurring is not real, the balancing or karma is not real. But although none of this is real at the Source level, on the Soul level have taken place and this is why the forgiveness is essential. It serves as the link between the dimensions. So that explains the seeming contradiction between asking or giving forgiveness for something that is not even real.

So coming back to the feeling of suffering experienced by your Soul. Is there still need for your soul to continue feeling that, does it still serve your Soul`s needs? Be honest

If yes, then be simply aware of it and let your Soul continue feeling it whenever necessary with no inner conflicts or complaints about it. Embrace it.

If you have doubts whether it still serves your Soul`s needs , ask if your Soul has other choices which has not explored yet, choices that barely substitute it, or replace it or release it and let it go. If you are at this stage, the most important thing is to recognize that your Soul has many choices and each choice follows a different path and designs a different experience and feeling

Before making a decision, can you see the different choices and in what type of feeling they lead? How do they compare with the existing one? Can you identify a more attractive or harmonic feeling as a result of any of these choices?

Or can you go straight to the core feeling of the Source? Which fuses all feelings and neutralizes any excesses and deficiencies, smooth out all color dominations being a rainbow of all colors

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