On Soul harvesting

Do our souls actually create or design our human bodies & experience OR they just rent it from a SuperSoul cloud provider, perhaps with the help of a customer service officer (guide)?

The ability to design such a complex creation as the human body probably surpass the abilities of our individual souls. Most likely we simply choose them from a “menu” based on our souls specs – meaning what type of experiences we seek to live in that body.

Now the question is how free this decision & choice is OR how tainted has been by karmic gravitation, which again is a vicious cycle and open to the question how real that karmic gravitation actually is.

The extent of the illusion that our souls carry, believing that somehow have failed and need to rectify that failing with compensatory experiences, may not really be an internal process of evolution but instead an external virus which has infected them and in a way keeps them hostage to a hidden agenda created by other types of beings.


Could it be that souls are harvested of their emotional energy they generate through their experiences in the human body (but perhaps in other types of non human experiences)?

In a way the “real” bodies that the Matrix harvest of their electromagnetic energy, could be our actual souls and the energy harvested be what our souls produce through their emotions.

So 2 questions:

One: Who are these beings and why they do that? There is no love in that for sure.

Two: What role do our soul guides play in all that? There is definitely love in their intentions & actions. So Why do they protect us and guide us if we are to be harvested by other somehow malevolent energy beings?

So If this is so, now what? How to deal with all this?

It definitely emphasizes the need to not identify with the human dimension but also not identify with the soul dimension either. Who/What I am is none of the 2, no matter of the programming that governs both dimensions. This though is a game changer because there is even lesser need to indulge the illusionary perceptions & obsessions of the soul because it is infected with a virus that we should not identify with.

What is the role of the body in all this? Although appears to be linked to the human dimension, it may actually be a more direct link to the soul and how the soul feels. Even more, full presence in the body’s sensations creates a direct link with the Source and an alignment of all 3 dimensions. This alignment probably neutralizes the virus that infects the soul.

–  Are all emotions of equal importance to these energy beings or they have preferences?

–  Are emotions a chosen energy source due to their energy quantity and density  OR because they contain a specific energy quality and frequency?

– Is there a certain amount of quantity/density/quality/frequency that needs to be harvested daily, weekly, monthly, in a lifetime? Is it steady or can fluctuate within a minimum & maximum range?

–  Are intense bursts of emotions equally (or more) desirable than low-key ones like mild depression, a low-level fear or an underlying repressed anger?

–  What is the effect of presence, peace, equanimity? Does it void emotional charge generation? Does it delete the previously accumulated ones?

Or the harvest of the emotional energy happens only at the human level and not at the soul level? Is it possible that the soul wounds and karmic entanglements are used by these beings as an excuse for the soul to engage in the human emotional rollercoaster but in fact the generated emotional energy is directly harvested by these energy beings? Something like a VAT tax on human activity.

The real question is if the emotional energy produced is been uploaded to the soul in order for the feeling to register, which makes more sense given the soul’s neediness to reconfirm or change how it feels about its existence. So in that case, the harvesting should be done after the upload to the soul and not before.

It must occur though, very quickly after that upload, especially if we consider how rapid is the hijacking of any true insight from the Source or any true experience of peace, presence and love and how quickly it gets converted into “usable” emotional energy (existential depression, disgust, joy, pride etc)

Also wonder what happens in sleep mode and what energy hijacking may be taking place from the emotional storage.

Certain clichés triggering specific emotions are becoming too obvious to miss.

I.e. the romantic love triggers making you cry and identify with the “loved ones”

The drama cliché, triggering the feeling of sympathy for the poor one, the moral one, the unfairly treated one,

The anger cliché triggering rage and disgust for the cruel one, the all mighty abuser, unethical one,

The courage cliché triggering daring feelings, The inspiration cliché,  The sex cliché,  The family cliché, The friendship bonding cliché, The unfaithful partner cliché, The reward cliché for the hero

It is easier to identify them when watch them in a movie or read a book or hear a story but nevertheless the emotions they produce in these occasions are identical to the ones we experience in “real life”

Occasional or habitual lack of any of the standard clichés triggers a substitution process with other ones,  one or more of which intensify. Best manifestation of that are the obsessions & addictions which produce substantially higher and more intense emotional energy loads.

But if we get to the core of obsessions and addictions it is the hunt for the high dopamine/high serotonin state. Could it be that behind all emotions there is a neurotransmitter stimulation and that is the type of energy seeked for harvesting by the energy beings?

So whatever these beings are seeking through emotional harvesting, it is a distorted inefficient use of energy and no matter of their sophisticated capability to drain and manipulate energy, they are lost in their own ignorance and belief that they have no other choice, probably suffering similar illusions of entrapment and victimization like our souls.

Perhaps the “fallen angels” ?

Perhaps there is a purpose why pain & suffering  is so significant in our experience. It is probably the best substitute of connecting with reality. Of course it is false, manufactured sensation but its purpose is to make us think we are alive, if we feel pain , we are alive. The deepest illusion of all.

Or at the same time we could claim that pain actually opens new pathways in consciousness which wouldn’t be open otherwise? Or is it part of the illusion in order to perpetuate pain as a necessity?

Is pain the core around which our soul identity is been built? So integral to the core identity that losing /letting go that pain, risks to dissolve our identity ? Or is it just bullshit and we can always identify with the whole, the eternal, we don’t need a limiting identity?

Is it possible that both the human dimension as well as the Soul dimensions are used for downloading different “clandestine” scripts, or some sort of broadcasting into these fields

OR even smuggling scripts out of the “human or soul fields” through the “bodies” of the players?

It seems that the truly evolutionary leap lies with The ability to hold 2 contradictory opposing insights in our mind at once and synthesize them rather than getting confused and try to choose which one is right and which is wrong. That “pause” that allows a true observation of what we experience brings us to a state of equanimity and presence. Just BE rather than react which is the habitual human reaction. An observation without an observer, a coherence without separation, without center or source.

The important thing about our beliefs is not whether they are right or wrong but whether our emotional attachment to them would assist us or inhibit us in been more cetered and open.

So if we assume that the so-called  “dark beings” are hungry for emotional energy (which may get anyway?) why not make available to them specific conversions of energy like bliss and passion emanating from love, inner peace, humility, gratitude ?

Love & inner empowerment automatically and effortless generate :

loads of bliss (instead of mere joy)  – Fire

creative passion (instead of anger) – Wood

courage & fearlessness (instead of fear) – Water

trust & surrender (instead of worry) – Earth

compassion & empathy (instead of grief and sadness) – Metal

unison (instead of separateness) – Heaven

So instead of contracting “our” energy field, trying to protect “our” energy field from draining, hijacking and harvesting… we could instead produce pure and abundant raw feeling energy to feed everyone without any sense of loss or separation.

Anyway is only fair if we want to live in this physical as well as the emotional dimensions, to pay some tax, contribute to the sustainability of these frequency vibrations

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