WREAL apology in summary

 WREAL apologizes to the world for its

Arrogance, Inaction, Ambition, 

Greed, Manipulation, Exploitation, Power abuse, 

Corruption, Revenge, Racism, Violence

as they were exercised by the people acted on its behalf over the last 12 years

WREAL in a thorough self-reflection of its behavior and actions over these years, has identified, recognized, confronted & accepted the specific flaws in its perspective, the wrongful actions it took and the negative effect they have had on other people & organizations.

Of course when we are talking about WREAL we are talking about the behavior & actions of people who worked under its umbrella or associated with it at different layers.

However WREAL as an entity assumes responsibility for all their actions because were acting on its behalf.

Their actions or inactions either went unnoticed and silently or overtly condoned by the various decision makers due to their own personal flaws, fears, insecurities, power drive, biases, arrogance, discrimination, ignorance, righteousness, confusion, irresponsibility, indifference, dishonesty, greed, guilt, mistrust, procrastination.

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WREAL apologizes to the world for the harm it caused and although it may be considered that it was a relatively small price to pay for the radical positive change of our society, it is not like that. There are no small prices that can be dismissed or hidden under the carpet. WREAL too, like everyone else, has to make and is making its own honest self-assessment and accept all its wrong doings, not justifying them or sweeten them in any way but sincerely recognizing them and asks for forgiveness.

It also recognizes that its position and exercise of immense power magnified the detriment of its actions, and its responsibility should be and is indeed larger than simple individuals or smaller organizations

WREAL recognizing and accepting its responsibility for the grave errors made on its behalf,

unequivocally asks for the forgiveness of all the harmed parties for its actions

It also asks for forgiveness for its own people`s attitudes, emotions, procrastination, fears, insecurities, confusion and biases which although may not have affected directly a particular party, they have

 accumulated into energetic patterns which were the platform upon which wrong decisions & actions may have been or have been taken but could not be identified

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WREAL asks for forgiveness without guilt but with sincerity.

It has no expectation that forgiveness is granted by the harmed ones. It is their soul decision on whether they choose to release or not the energetic load or keep carrying it for their own soul purposes.

WREAL also forgives and let go of all the actions that other people or organizations have taken over the years against it, as their actions were reflecting their perception of reality or were limited by their role in the ruling system, or simply were their personal fears and biases. There is nothing to be held against them either in a personal way or against their organization anymore.

These flaws of all of us are the final but essential bits of our fragmented soul puzzle and we need to gather them carefully, all of them, even the smallest pieces, with no bias.

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Sincere reflection into this “dark” side and its embracing is imperative.

However the positive note on this is that there would be no perpetuation of the human flaws vicious cycle.

The children society is now firmly established, so all it needs is the duration of one generation for the detoxification of our Soul programming and the downloading of the Universal Source one.

See the full confessions in detail at the end of year 2031