On Power & Control

Our success in assessing control of a situation is totally illusionary. WE never really assess control. We seem to temporarily resolve problems and discover solutions but its an absolute illusion and given a little or a lot of time, eventually gets revealed. When it eventually gets revealed we normally refuse to accept it and we either try to assess more control in order to salvage or maintain it OR we fall into a loss-control state where we experience the frustration of that lack of control, the powerlessness. Then we either get depressed or feel victimized, unfairly treated, betrayed by the people, circumstances or life in general. When in that state of powerlessness we also fail to see the illusion of it, that in fact we have not lost any control and we are not powerless as we seem to perceive.

What makes more difficult to grasp the illusion is that when we presume that we have assessed control and have consolidated power, it gets followed by a feeling of satisfaction, achievement and gets confused with a sense of peace which in fact is not present, because our contentment is conditional to the desired outcome. Similarly when we feel powerless and in lack of control, there is a sense of surrender, which is also conditional to the undesired outcome and is not a sense of peace either.

When we are in fact in a state of peace , that peace is unconditional to our desires or perceptions and we don’t feel neither in control nor in lack of it . Both states of been in control and without it are learning experiences trying to sensitize us towards an equilibrium which can only be accessed in unconditional peace that bypasses the entire issue of control as been irrelevant. To our ego-focused mind that sense of abstaining from control altogether and have no experiences of having it or losing it is utterly challenging. We simply don’t know what to do, how to act, what to pursue or not, what to expect from ourselves and life in generally. We can not just be passive and wait for things to just happen, we find it absurd, it takes away our sense of importance, necessity, value. What to do then? How is life can possibly flow without us in the driving seat?

We may in fact be all powerful or all powerless but in any case the entire issue of power does not serve us in anyway in whichever of the 2 possibilities.  Consider the difference between a free man able to do as he wishes in life but without utilizing that opportunity and therefore feeling unsatisfied and not been at peace OR an incarcerated man feeling at peace with himself and feeling free inside. We may be of the first kind or the second. Our “true” state may not be of an objective nature but instead been determined by our subjective response to the issue of power and control. The illusion of having, losing or assessing control in either scenario, seems to be the key and far more important on what actually happens rather than the “true” state and explanation of life.

So we may conclude either that our lives are entirely of our own choice although we may not fully comprehend all its dimensions (but with increased presence we access more of it and grow) and we take full responsibility for everything that we experience as our own, therefore been entirely free to design, delete, upgrade our life circumstances as we wish (obeying however certain energetic laws and limits)  OR that we are entirely powerless enslaved cattle with no hope whatsoever to rule our lives or escape our cruel fate designed without our permission.

Lets see if there is a common denominator between the two possibilities. No matter what is the full truth, which we may never access or comprehend as it could be partial or conditional glimpse of the total picture , one thing is certain. A decision has been made by someone (us or others) that we are to operate within certain limits and parameters according to a predesigned plan that allows a certain flexibility of limited scope choices. It is definitely a process that involves transmission of information in both directions. Frequently the events we experience in this dimension are incomprehensible or inconclusive and may refer to a meaningful utilization in another dimension. That includes actions we take without understanding them that may originate from elsewhere but also actions we take that we do understand but don’t result into logical or expected ways that keep us puzzled but could be completely comprehensible in the other dimension. No matter whether the limits we encounter in this dimension are designed by the Source or by the Matrix, it is important identifying them and come to terms with them because defying them does not seem to provide us with any resolution or peace whatsoever.

It is very important  to identify the difference between internal and external limits in this dimension of life we live. The internal limits refer to our free will zone within which we can exercise our power of choice and control the outcomes. However defying the external limits that define our state of being with its corresponding rules (irrelevant on how , why or by whom have been set up) does not only make the attempt futile but also detracts us from the state of presence.

How would one know the difference between internal & external limits ? When at peace and in a state of presence we can see and sense the difference between the external and internal limits.

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