On Human emotional harvesting

We are programmed to react in very specific ways to any kind of stimuli, all within a very predictable range of possibilities, which mislead us to believe that we have free will and react to circumstances in distinct ways. However, the range of all possible reactions is limited and quite predictable if we actually pay attention and detect them. That misleading diversity masks the truth of the programming.

Of course we have been DNA programmed and furthermore enhanced that programming by being raised and molded how to think, process information, interpret it and respond to it. Beyond our cultural differences and diversities we all share the same fundamental codes.

Our physical programming of how we maintain this body ‘alive” and our illusionary necessities of food, drink, sex grouping etc bind us all together into these fundamental codes.

The most intriguing among our reactions however are our emotional ones. Not simply how we react emotionally to specific stimuli – which is again a demonstration of that fundamental code, as how we are so much alike and predictable even within our “diversities”. Most interestingly how frequently and repeatedly we get angry, we are afraid, we worry, we are sad, we are joyful, we are disgusted and we are neutral. It appears that there is a specific programming stimulating the development of the conditions, circumstances and events in order to experience all these emotional reactions. We cannot escape their appearance and repetition and even when for a prolonged period we don’t experience one or more, most likely we compensate with the bias for the remaining ones. Why ?

Is it possible that this is what some other form of life harvest from us? The emotional energy generated through our bodies and minds? Could that be the fuel “they” need ? Could this emotional energy be a form of dense concentrated electromagnetic energy that can be harvested, stored and utilized by these beings? It looks inescapable even if  one dwells into deep meditation during which there are no apparent emotional reactions to generate that energy. But again the peace, the bliss and joy generated gets rapidly converted into emotional memory and then gets hijacked and harvested too.

We are most likely designed and capable of generating a certain amount of that energy daily or annually and that has value. Why even the meditation, peace and bliss get snatched ? Because actually if we reflect on all the moments of pure wisdom, peace and bliss we have experienced and when we felt beyond any doubt united with the cosmos, how much of that has been sustained? Very little if any, it all becomes a distant experience, a distant memory of something worthwhile but not actually accessible or useful to us now. Even when we regain that state, the same thing keeps happening, getting snatched.

We seem to be emotional generating devices that need to produce a set amount of output to be harvested .

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