On Inner & Outer Light – what we really see

Our eyes don’t really see anything out there. There is nothing out there to be seen. All the images we see are generated inside our mind and because they have all been programmed with collective mind software, we view/ experience/interpret similarly the signals sent by the brain to the eyes and back. But when either accidentally or intentionally we get to see things that others don’t see…then the programming bubble starts bursting. Think of REM. Eyes place a key role in dreaming although they obviously don’t see anything physically speaking although the dreamer has no doubt that actually sees and experiences the events of his dream. In addition each dreamer sees different things in his dream that other dreamers or other nights and definitely different than anyone sees in the awaking life. The same occurs during deep theta level meditation, visions, images and travel caused by hallucinogenic plants although in all of these cases no actual seeing takes place. So where lies the truth of what we see?

Perhaps the relationship between our inner light and outer dimension light is also reflected in a macrocosmic scale as well. Just like the light of the “source” we try to reach is our own inner light which we possess and can activate at will, in a similar way the earth may be its own sun and the outer sun we see may simply reflect the light of the earth in a mutual relationship a kind of breathing back and forth. Perhaps the equator, the most outer circumference of the earth is actually the most inner point. It may appear closest to the sun because it is closest to the core of the earth


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