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Karma is a concept well known in the eastern Asian traditions referring to the cosmic law of cause and effect. Karma is an undeniable reality on a Soul level. Souls feeling disconnected from the Source are in a journey to discover what has gone wrong and why the separation occurred. Much like the lost paradise of the Old Testament and the expulsion of Adam & Eve from it for their original sin. Souls during their journey back to the Source run simulations of possible scenarios creating incarnations on human or other being forms feeding back the outcomes. The complication occurs when each simulation (incarnation) creates new disequilibrium which then need to be compensated with new simulations which further upset the equilibrium and becomes an endless wheel, the wheel of karma. The nature of the Soul dimension is defined by its inability to challenge the certainty that it is convinced with, that something needs to be done to correct what has gone wrong. Occasional clarity and wisdom that flash into the Soul dimension from the Source , don`t last enough to make a difference in the overall Soul experience. Most importantly the perpetuating of karmic actions greases its wheel entrapping the Soul within it.

Of course on the Source level there is no karma because the entire Soul assumption of the separation from the Source is an illusion.  But how karma is being perpetuated across simulations (incarnations) of the Soul  ? How is the programming inserted and maintained during the incarnations?

If we carefully observe the human experience we will notice a distinct pattern of repetition within family trees. Once 2 people get into an intimate relationship the relive and express a repetition or denial of their childhood experiences with their parents assimilating or rejecting their parental models of mother and father (including gay couples) and playing them out in their intimate relationship. Where it gets interested is that all the perceived traumas from their childhood, which all human adults carry they pass them in identical or reverse or blended forms to their children, same as they have inherited from their parents. Siblings and other family members or other experiences support or dilute the parental experience of children but it is still the fundamental origin of traumas experienced during childhood. It may be passed on through DNA of through the archetypal models of father and mother because it can be observed even in children who have grown with foster parents, family or strangers.

So in an intimate relationship the 2 adults don’t actually see their partner but instead relive their parents and the relationship itself triggers their traumas, which again pass on to their children. This goes on without cessation generation after generation with absolutely no evolution.

The stories may appear somewhat different but the themes are only 6. They all revolve around


1a. Lack of Trust BY your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren, others

1b. Lack of Trust OF your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren, yourself

2a. Lack of Recognition BY your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren

2b. Lack of Recognition OF your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren, yourself

3a. YOUR Greed for More happiness given BY your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren

3b. YOUR Greed for More happiness OF your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren

4a. Betrayal of YOUR happiness BY your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren

4b. YOUR Betrayal of THE happiness OF your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren

5a. Sacrifice of YOUR happiness BY your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren

5b. YOUR Sacrifice of THE happiness OF your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren

6a. Abandonment of YOUR: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren

6b. YOUR Abandonment BY your: father-mother, intimate partner, child/ren

 As children, although we may experience any of the 6 elements, or even all, we are programmed to victimize ourselves and conclude that we suffered Lack of Recognition, Betrayal and Abandonment by our father or mother or both

As adults in intimate relationships, we experience any of the 6 elements usually locking in either the a) or b) playing out a repetition of our childhood or reversing roles

As parents we are confronted again with all 6 elements and play out a repetition of our childhood “traumas” or reversing them

Combinations between them create unique profiles appearing as distinct but all traumas and reactions to them are fuelled by a combination of these 6 elemental concepts. It is interesting that they are not feelings or emotions although they generate them. They are rather specific vibrational patterns.

The fact that all adults carry these same traits and all play them out unconsciously of course in their intimate relationships and all pass them on unconsciously to their children, demolishes and exposes the myth of individual Soul karma that needs to be worked out and be cleared by each Soul. It becomes obvious that is a mass program, probably generated by a specific vibrational frequency, entrapping the Soul consciousness in a loop.

So perhaps there is no personal karma for “any Soul” to clear for the same reasons that there has been no sin and no separation from the Source at the first place. It is an illusion that the Soul experiences. It is like a cloud imposed on the Soul dimension, which affect every soul. Every other karmic implication that each soul and its simulation-incarnation experiences originates from this parental karma. It taints and distorts all other fields of life experience and all human interactions in work, friendships, pleasure.

Could it be possible to clear this illusionary karma cloud by addressing the closely interconnected Souls of let’s say 3 generations in all directions, by flooding them with the light of the Source in one action rather than try to work it through individual efforts which have limited impact because of the leakage of the “other souls”? Because is not an individual problem but a mass problem, it’s one single karma and most importantly is not even real but a mere illusion, an imposed assumption by a vibrational frequency which can be cleared out in one hit. After the main clearing of the key Souls involved the clearance can be extended to all the surrounding associated ones gradually going back in the original ancestral memories of the human race. So the parental karma can be the first step, the breaching of the wall of ignorance and the Trojan horse in inserting the light of the Source into the Soul dimension which can then spread into all the Soul experiences affecting and releasing the illusionary ancestral memories not only the human ones but of all simulations  across space-time.

What these 6 archetypes actually refer to, are the following:

Non-Recognition & Mistrust of happiness. Happiness does not exist. Love does not exist. God does not exist.
Betrayal & Greed of happiness. Happiness exists but I can’t have it. Love exists but I can’t have it. God does not love me.
Sacrifice & Abandonment of happiness. Happiness exists but I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve love. I don’t deserve God.

All 6 revolve in 3 pairs around 3 core belief programs.
There is no Love OR I can’t get love OR I don’t deserve Love.
There is no God OR I can’t get God’s Love OR I don’t deserve God’s Love

There is no God
Initially the belief is based on that there is no God/Love and his/its existence is dismissed as non-sense.
I have no trust or appreciation about God’s /Love’s existence. I dismiss God’s/Love’s existence.

I can’t get God’s Love
Then the belief progresses on that there may be God but I can’t get his attention/grace no matter how much I try.
I am frustrated with God because he does not pay any attention to me. I feel betrayed, unfairly treated and envious.

I don’t deserve God’s Love
Then the belief progresses on that probably I can’t his attention/grace because I don’t deserve it.
I am a sinner, unworthy, weak, unable to love him, so God sacrificed me, abandoned me and rightfully so.

Although we may experience surges of any of the 3 archetypal paired themes alternating at times, If we observe carefully, we would able to reveal which of the 3 we have identified with and then re-examine and recalibrate our relationship with Love & God.

These 6 Karmic scripts link to the 6 Emotions , 6 Feelings & 6 Elements

WOOD—Anger —Passion/creativity—-Abandonment
WATER—Fear—-Stillness/silence—– Trust

For more details on the 6 Emotions & 6 Feelings click here

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