Past & Memory

The quest of the meaning of life is almost inevitable. But life makes no sense without the past. Everything we experience now, we link it with the past. We “remember”, we search into the past to compare what we live now with what our past experience was or actually what we have chosen to remember in a biased way because we always need to prove certain assumptions and beliefs to corroborate with our illusion of who we are and what life is.

How can you live a life without the past, without comparisons, judgements, wounds, fears, unfulfilled desires and everything that you have compiled as your story?

Past does not exist without memories, just as future does not exist without dreams. It is the memories and the dreams that form the illusion of time. You cannot visit a past without visiting a memory.. Therefore, memories hold the key to liberation from time. Because our memories are ours (even if many or most of them have been created by collaboration with others or have been inherited socially or have been inherited genetically or have been shared human memories or even other beings’ memories) we have the rights to create them, upload them on the cloud and whenever we want we can download them, edit them and upload them again. We can theoretically “delete” them too although is more like throw them in the recycle bin because there are never truly deleted, we just remove them from our life/computer.

So, having full control over our memories means that we can effectively influence and change our past which is formed by the massive accumulation of these memories.  In a way we could influence and effectively change the past of others because altering our past modifies the links it has with their past (because it has been shared in some degree and way). We cannot enforce a change in their perception of past if they want to keep the version they choose but because we update our files of past, they can view them too (actually kind of sense them). Is like being notified by the administrator of the cloud that a change has been made on the “profile of a friend“. They can opt to open and view the updated file or ignore it for a time or delete the notification altogether.

Doesn’t it make you wonder if the AI age is occurring to mirror to the human souls all the resemblances that we have been missing?

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