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Creation & Beauty

Universal truth is what IS. Its vibrational frequency – which is both light and sound – is expressed through mathematical laws of harmony. These laws of harmony form archetypal shapes, geometrical forms which shape how reality presents itself to different dimensions. These geometrical forms are not static but alive, constantly moving changing interactions but at […]


Health’s true purpose is to serve as a vehicle and facilitate spiritual transcendence which requires that the body & mind operate at lighter vibrational frequency rates. On the one hand, health is no yardstick of spiritual awareness but on the other hand spiritual awareness cannot be attained or sustained without a certain level of physical […]


The Source Universal Consciousness is our true identity The Soul Consciousness are the reflections of the Source in timeless space The Human Mind/Body consciousness is the projection of the Soul & the Source in time & space —————————————————————————————————— Life as a holographic energy dance between the following Consciousness: The Universal,The Angel/Guide”bodhisatva”, The Soul, The Extraterrestrial, […]


  Virtually all humans believe that money holds a power over them & rules their decisions, priorities & lives in general. Money has become responsible for everything good & evil in our lives, ruling our emotions, physical health, mental clarity and spiritual peace. Its possession or lack of it appears as been solely able to […]


  Childhood is NOT an age definition. Is a spiritual state of Being. —- Our children are not “our” children. They are not extensions of our ego-self and our illusionary desires, hopes and fears. They are independent, fully developed souls with their specific evolutionary journeys. Our ignorance and arrogance interferes with their soul’s purpose. ————————————————————————————————- […]

Addiction is a gift we ask for and can use

Addiction is a gift Addiction has been always ostracized in our society as a state of weakness, lack of control, moral decay, disease. The definition of what constitutes addiction has been the inability to control excessive dependence or behavior and succumb to it. Society has classified as principal addictions tobacco smoking, alcohol, drugs recreational & […]

Life is child-prioritized

The usual misconception which all adults have, that children when are born, don’t know anything and need to be taught about life by the adults is so gravely flawed. Children come to this human dimension because they choose on a “soul level” or another dimension, to do just that. They have designed a very clear […]