We always have a set of choices

Is fundamental to recognize that we always have a set of choices in front of any decision.

We frequently feel trapped in a situation that supposedly has no way out, or seems unavoidable, or appears to have a single outcome, or we are stuck in a dilemma.

None of these is true. These are programmed distortions of reality that Soul consciousness dimension and Human dimension cause in order to experience a chosen “life” process and/or outcome.

 Although each cause and effect eventually balance out, none of them really matters as they are simple stories to justify the triggering of the programmed vibrational frequency.

The recognition of the existence of choice even though it may not be visible, brings clarity to how we got where we experience ourselves to be, as a result of a “previous” choice and why.

It also triggers detachment from the appearing gravity of the situation.

The assumption of responsibility for the whole process develops a sense of empowerment.

Finally allows us to review it and decide if we choose to:

  1. a) continue the current story choice as is or
  2. b) “download” an upgraded version of the story or
  3. c) substitute it with another story or
  4. d) delete altogether the need for whichever story as obsolete

Of course this requires cruel unbiased honesty, a rare commodity. Although it may seem that the most logical and desirable choice would be the deletion of the need for whichever story, is not that simple.

Actually, is instrumental to recognize that these stories are manifestations of the Soul consciousness dimension and their continuance or substitution or refinement are integral elements of the Soul`s consciousness overall vibrational frequency range.

The importance thing is not the elimination of these stories because they are annoying and destructive.

They won`t be eliminated for those reasons.

They can however be substituted or refined based on the intensity level of the Source consciousness activation within the Soul consciousness and Human consciousness.

The overall vibration of the Soul and human dimensions due to that Source code activation

defines the type and extent of those stories been experienced.

That activation can create either an automatic default “upgrade” or allow a willful intervention of substitution or refinement of the stories experienced, in the framework of the new vibrational frequency level.

Total story deletion, liberation, nirvana, ascension, enlightment

or whichever similar term has been used to define that state of consciousness will occur when there is a certain level of Source code activation infiltrating the Soul consciousness and Human consciousness altering their vibrational frequencies.

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