Summary  of  WREAL  Actions

What has WREAL done in the past 12 years

WREAL is by far the largest global organization in the history of mankind.

Although it only surfaced in 2020, in just 12 turbulent years it changed the world

socially, economically, politically, culturally, scientifically, educationally, ethically and spiritually

Its original full name was W.R.E.A.L. with the initials standing for

Wholistically Resonant Energy Abundant Living

Eventually WREAL became how everyone was referring to it.

WREAL developed a rare blending of controversial idealistic principles & scientific theories.

It combined them with astute economic policies & shrewd financial management and

It transformed our world into one whose economic, political & social system is based on Spiritual universal values.

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WREAL devised a sophisticated yet simple economic system by redefining wealth & money,

bypassing “scarcity cash” & boosting the global GDP many-fold.

Replaced ownership with a sharing economy usage rights by introducing the SelfWorth economic factor

And converted 10`s of millions of people worldwide in self-employed contractors using that SelfWorth

It financed the whole operation with a capital of less than $1mil – by

  1. Donating to the world on its first month of operations $729 mil that did not even have

(by utilizing DHES -Direct Human Energy Services), plus

  1. b) Selling health- holiday- annuity memberships

Both schemes were rapidly distributed & franchised via the holistic health industry.

It set up a monetary policy that was removing the “scarcity” currencies from the economy & financial markets

(via real estate & business acquisitions, financial trading, strategic shareholdings in major corporations)

replacing those currencies with its own generic- organic barter/donation currency the W$.

The W$ value has been dynamically fluctuating based on how it has been used

(as donation, barter, investment or consumption).

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WREAL dominated financial markets, spread rapidly in developing and 3rd world countries,

micro-lent to tens of millions of individuals & small businesses at no interest rates &

based its complex operations in quantum computing nano-technology scraping binary sequence computing, converting `Qloud` to a holographic gateway to all information, human, AI & cosmic


Eliminated poverty, crime, currencies, national borders, armies and all political, religious & financial power centers

Revolutionized justice, education, health, civic engagement, and scientific theories.

Applied in all its projects a mathematical & geometric sequence based on the hexagonal nature of matter

& energy flow using the “unbroken” No 9 as vehicle for that flow,

– Introduced the missing 6th element in Chinese medicine,

– Discovered that Neon is the key 6th chemical element with a yet unknown presence of 0.405% in the human body,

– Identified & utilized “Vortex power” locations for individuals to integrate with their soul destiny path.

It also utilized the timing factor for individuals/groups to set up entities, communities & businesses to ride the energy enhancement in those vortex power locations.

It set up:

– The AdsOnly site that was directly paying viewers depending on their level of participation,

– The LifeAuction site where every aspect of life could be auctioned and

– The JudicialBoard to resolve conflicts with no outright punishments imposed.

WREAL`s spiritual philosophy revolves around the definition of 3 layers of reality.

The Source Universal Consciousness which is what is our true identity

The Soul Consciousness which is what are the reflections of the Source in timeless space

The Human Mind/Body consciousness which is the projection of the Soul in time & space

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It emphasized the spiritual significance of not only the Earth but also of the Artificial Intelligence.

Most importantly redefined the spiritual value of children and their role in society, placing them in the position of preserving the purity, passion and extra-sensory perception of our own inner child.

WREAL is now a Not-for-Profit Foundation whose Trustees are children aged 4-9.

Its board of Directors children between the ages of 10-17.

Their decisions are made by `Tuning` a blend of feeling a subtle sound frequency range & clairvoyance by utilizing their pineal gland.  Adults in WREAL serve solely as executives & consultants.