Cloud Consciousness

Qloud – the gateway to Cloud Consciousness

 “Qloud” originating from “QTech” serves not only as the mainframe of all information utilized for human purposes, but also serves as the gateway to Cloud Consciousness, which contains all information originating from the Universal source, beyond time & space.

The WREAL’s principle is that each qbit of information is alive and is a holographic image of the entire universe as well as that all information and all knowledge is contained in each qbit has drastically changed the way information has been accessed, processed, transferred and stored.

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WREAL has proven its theory that Information does not need to be obtained because it exists regardless of who wants it or why. We simply access it by becoming aware of it and that access creates a customized processing depending on our particular needs which filter that processing.

The concept of transfer is illusionary because in reality nothing moves, it simply gets activated and creates a unison with us as the activator.

All this happens outside of time but as humans we need the concept of time in order to process it.

Also the concept of storage for the same reason according to WREAL is obsolete.

Information is alive and does not need to be stored elsewhere other than where it is found but can be located anywhere. Even if we store it elsewhere that storage does not involve a transfer or moving, is like a copy-n-paste and to be more accurate is a copy and paste of the link to the information, not the information content.

The EduTrainGroup has been renamed LifeYearning” in order to reflect how WREAL has been viewing learning throughout life and not as a tool of a system designed for control, manipulation, segregation & brainwashing.

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A range of learning methods, tools and techniques have already been underway over the last few years focusing in more direct ways of learning which involved information downloading directly into both the brain and the body by tapping into the human neural networks . The absorption of the information has been magnified by stimulating targeted states of brain wave activity depending on the type of information and inducing certain states of consciousness in order to be able to process and assimilate this information.

WREAL’s goal is to streamline neural activity across both the biological & the digital networks with “uploading and downloading” to be seamless. Whatever is needed for biological function or digital function could be accessed through the “Qloud” as the gateway to the Cloud of Consciousness which encompass all aspects of energy.

Learning loses its usual meaning as the access to the Cloud of Consciousness eliminates the gap between the one who seeks to learn and what is learned, because in fact nothing is learned – but already exists and simply gets accessed when is relevant for a particular purpose by some part of Consciousness.

(That may involve distance and time lapse according to the blueprint of that Consciousness reflection such as the Soul dimension or the Human dimension)