What is WREAL

A step-by-step manual of
how to establish a new economic, social & political system
based on Universal spiritual laws
assisted by Quantum computing AI
while have everything overseen by gifted children


Is it a science-fiction OR a documentary?

You may consider this as a science fiction novel. But what if is not?

What if it is an actual documentary?

If it narrates the real details of our society as we experience them in a parallel dimension?

What if we actually live in that reality, part-time?

The information shared here is far too specific to be invented mentally out of thin air.

It exists somewhere. It is more like memories rather than dreams.

We don`t wish that this could be our reality. We know that it is. In a parallel universe but it is still us making the decisions at any point.

Our purpose is to sensitize you the web visitor, to that possibility, so you create a bridge between these dimensions.

We want to inspire you to reflect, question, explore, engage and interact.

You can then select the dimension you choose to identify with and that will gradually become your reality.

Because there are many intersecting points between these dimensions in which you can effortlessly change direction towards your chosen reality.