On Beyond Death

Death is something we have learned to fear, bury its existence, constantly choose to pretend that is not part of our life. This fundamental fear distorts not only death’s significance but life’s significance. Our exorcizing of death prohibits us to live fully. WREAL has developed a set of programs, the participants of which confront death as a certainty to take place in specified time periods, starting from 120 days down to 1 minute

DIE in 120 days

The period of 120 days is not chosen arbitrarily, as it is the life span of all blood cells all of which die in rotations of 120 days while new ones are constantly born.

The purpose of the programs is to sensitize participants to the true concept of death and stimulate passion for life and focus on the present.

If a person is certain to die in 120 days time, due to a disease or any other cause, how would he use these last 4 months in his life? What would he do, what would he change, what would he remedy, what would he start, what would he stop, what would he feel, what legacy would he like to live behind, what would he value most of all. What would his “bucket list” be?

It is amazing how under these circumstances, the fear of death diminishes till extinct, because it becomes a certainty. Fear is about uncertainty of an outcome, not the outcome itself. We are not really afraid of death but rather its possibility, its possible implications, the unknown time and circumstances, whether it would be pain and suffering involved, whether we would be surprised by its timing and so on. When the outcome becomes certain, initially denial would run its course till acceptance will settle in, replacing the denial. That certainty brings liberation from the fear because it dissolves the uncertainty and brings peace.

120 days is a sufficient time period for someone to come to terms with all the physical, emotional, psychological and practical implications and make amends if necessary or intensify decisions of empowerment.

DIE in 60 days

60 days among other things is the duration of time which is widely considered to be the limit of the human body to be sustained without solid food. Almost all hunger strikes end around that time because the programming imposed on the human body and mind is strong. However there is truly any such limitation and one may cross over that presumed barrier and not get sick and die as widely believed.


DIE in 21 days

21 days are considered a time duration that if a new habit of any kind physical or psychological or spiritual is established with no interruption or dilution, it registers as the new default reality.

The time period of 21 days marks a significant cycle of transformation in many spiritual practices and using it for the purposes of death acceptance and radical inner transformation becomes a very powerful tool. The last 21 days are not revolving anymore around fear or resolving practical issues or dealing with denial but rather preparing for the death itself, gradually elevating consciousness to the point beyond life and death as habitual concepts. A detoxification program, prepares the body to purify and release unwanted, irrelevant material and energy.

Many people have also chosen to relocate for the last stages to their Vortex location in order to magnify the experience and accelerate the clearing.

DIE in 3 days

The last 3 days focus on the immersion into death itself. A “breatharian” process of staying completely off solids and liquids for 3 days, causes a powerful simulated death experience. According to the conventional understanding the human body cannot be sustained without water for 3 days. However this is a myth perpetuated by a mass belief. In fact on the 3rd day, the “soul” leaves the body , creating a sort of “death”, which however if is consciously chosen, the physical body is sustained without any harm, by the superseding layers of energy surrounding the physical layer. Energetic information is being recalibrated and radical changes at all levels take place as the experience rewires the entire set of physical and energetic processes. The person undergoing this process “dies and gets reborn” when a few drops of water signal the reactivation of the ‘soul” back into the physical body.

DIE in 24 hours

The last 24 hours are the duration of a full cycle of all 12 energy meridians (in Chinese medicine) and are spent almost entirely in meditation, solitude and silence boosted by a set of tools such as immersion in a sensory isolation floatation tank in an horizontal position with a lucid dreaming device hooked on, a light & sound device stimulating brain waves simultaneously with  a CES electro-stimulation device and an optional DMT ayahuasca session


DIE in 2 hours

The last 2 hours is the last energetic cycle which coincides with the duration of each energy meridian (in Chinese medicine). If the person has entered deeply throughout the last 120 day cycles, he may be able to choose which energy meridian prefers as its conscious exit from the human body. People have been choosing based on a) their astrological blueprint or b) the Triple Warmer meridian time as the gateway to Cosmic energy or c) a Vortex aligned moment in spacetime.


DIE in 1 minute

The last minute is actually an eternal one. It is the point where the true nature of life and death is been experienced. Every breath exhalation causes dissolution of the physical body and every inhalation causes re-materialization. This is actually a close approximation to what happens every split second of our life. We are constantly dying and been reborn every split second. This is also what Buddhism was trying to convey on its original scriptures on its reference to death and rebirth, before religion repackaged it into a system of reincarnation, morality, fear, karma in order to sustain the social fabric and populations control.

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