On The Source or Supersoul

If life in the human 3rd dimension is a projection of the desires and needs and fears of the Soul’s  dimension then which dimension is perceiving all that right now and makes these assumptions beyond that? Is it a SuperSoul  dimension? We could presume that it is the Source but this is quite a stretch. The Source has no agendas or inclinations .The awakening or remembering of the Soul’s illusion serves what exactly? What wants the Soul to be awaken and remember the implantation of the self-limitation beliefs: of the wound to be healed, the repenting for the sin, the rectification of the error committed, the unworthiness, the guilt, the blame, the pain necessity….all illusions that drive the Soul into an endless abyss of searching in a loop the WHY is separate from the Source but never find it.

What Consciousness detects that illusion and overrides its perpetual nature?

What is the point of all this journey? To Illuminate the Soul? To establish the awakening of the SuperSoul which will be guiding the Soul from now on? Why from now on? What measurement of time and space is this?

If all our actions on the human dimension actually serve entirely our Soul and are simply a canvas, a projection screen where nothing we do here on Earth actually matters on Earth in earthy terms but only matters on our Soul dimension symbolically,

then we could equally assume that the Soul only serves as a projection of the SuperSoul  and everything that appears to the Soul real is just a reflection of its implanted purpose. Therefore the Soul’s obsessions and hysterias are actually not real and are important only symbolically to the SuperSoul.

Just like human beings can only see human beings and not Souls, Souls can only see other Souls and not SuperSouls. Of course SuperSouls may even be a step in a chain of multiple levels of SuperSouls all the way to the Source but I guess that does not matter much.

The only question that matters now is which dimension detects the Soul’s implanted limitations and what is supposed to do with this recognition.

Just like the Soul projects through time and space into multiple human dimension experiences , is logical to assume that the SuperSoul follows a similar pattern projecting itself into multiple Souls. Therefore perhaps the point revolves around the unification or the fusion of the different Souls serving the SuperSoul. What could the other Souls be like? Similar but with different limitations and tendencies? Could we be able to experience the other Souls journeys through the SuperSoul?

And there is the obvious question: what to do practically now about it? What actions to take and why? To address the Soul’s needs or bypass it and focus on the SuperSoul’s needs?

What could the other Souls be about? What would be their strengths and their limitations? Could they be reflections of the 12 astrological archetypes?

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