On The Souls` karmic puzzle

Is it possible that the “karmically” interconnected souls actually complement each other just like a puzzle when the missing pieces of one soul expression are part of another?

Fusing the interconnected souls complete the puzzle, merging all the pieces into one unified picture.

Every question’s answer exists in another humanoid projection or in another soul expression.

The seemingly long time or short time needed to find the answer to a question is simply a pre-decision to delay or accelerate in time the discovery of the answer in order to experience something for a “longer time “ or shorter time.

The closer to fusion of the humanoid projections and the fusion of the soul expressions we arrive, the meeting of questions and answers are almost instant until the point that there is no birth of questions because the fused souls recognize that the questions and answers are inseparable so they appear simultaneously, thus voiding their “independent, “separate”  existence.

Give up the need for a laptop and store all info on the cloud into an account where all interconnected souls can have access, sharing data.

 Among the benefits of doing this, is the limitless capacity of storage, eliminating the danger of overloading the hard disk of the laptop. All this limitless information can stay on the cloud and the only thing stored into the laptop could be the “links” which can download and upload only what is needed in each moment.

So what happens with the ability of the processing of cloud information? Need upgrades in the processing power of the laptop and the RAM? Meaning an upgrade of the physical body?

Or even a more advanced operating system altogether? Meaning an upgrade of the soul operating system?

It appears that at the cloud there is all the information on what operating system specs are required for processing certain tasks (on a soul level) and what type of hardware specs for been able to physically process them (in a physical body) without crashing it.

Obviously the search for this info has to take place in the cloud (internet) and once encountered, bookmark the links of the relevant pages, so it can be easily and accurately accessible from now on.

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