On changes in Society

Most of us would wish at some point that our human society was different, many of us would become focused in specific changes which we believe that would make the difference, politics, activism, environment, education, equality, poverty elimination, crime, religion and so on.

Some of us go further in actually engage in actions that reflect these beliefs and promise a better society. But can really society change with our actions? Usually an instant answer to that is ~of course otherwise we are doomed if there is no hope of change for the better~ or ~history is full of examples of people who affected society through their actions~. Although both statements are accurate, there may be a huge misconception on what in fact causes these types of changes.

No human being has the ability or even the desire to make these changes manifesting.

Lets not forget that whatever happens in the human playfield is a projection of our souls playing a videogame based on specific frequency vibrational rules. A character in the videogame can not possibly change the rules of the game or the preagreed outcome by the engaging souls. Not even the souls can alter the rules of the game because these are set on the Source level and the Souls simply adopt them and then design pre-agreed scripts of outcomes in order for certain specific experiences for each of them to be lived through the human dimension.

The obvious question then is, how do the changes occured and occuring in our society, take place? What manifests them if is not our human effort and will or even the one of our souls?

If we pay close attention to any significant pivotal change in the history of society (or even our personal life for that matter) we will notice that

  1. a) every human initiating such societal shift is always a very gifted visionary, but what does that mean? Where do visions come from? From our human brain, from our soul? Or downloaded straight from the Source and guiding the soul and mind of that being to its manifestation path?
  2. b) a massive energy shift has been mobilized by the human or humans participating in the actions that cause it. We interpret it as will power but is not exactly what causes the change. Will power is one form of intense concentration on a single task converting light into a laser beam. That laser beam penetrates through the human and soul dimensions and goes straight to the Source. It goes right at the original code of the associated program that rules that videogame and its possible outcomes.

But even that, a single laser beam is not sufficient in terms of power generation as well as in terms of societal relevancy to créate a change. When we witness in history a societal change initiated by a single person or by a small group it only occurs because the majority of the associated souls are on the cusp of agreeing and desiring that change, so the single person`s or group`s effort and will power serves as the catalyst for that preagreed change. All revolutions, social movements, wars, political, religious shifts do happen at a moment in time when their time has matured. They can not happen before of after. There is a societal consensus of a soul level authorizing its human manifestation. But why and when souls decide that its time for a certain shift in society and why that type of shift and not another? Why Hitler was universally accepted to be the catalyst in the 1930`s and 40`s, while Jesus was the universal catalyst 2,000 year ago?

No single soul was in charge or even aware of that universal necessity, nevertheless when a tuning in to a mass human & soul change was deemed important at the Source dimension, then the souls downloaded the new script from the Source and played it out.

Bottom line, whichever change to our personal life or society is possible but it is always uploaded to, weighted & filtered by, and finally initiated & downloaded into the Soul by the Source. If it affects only a single soul and there is clarity and intensity in the new script requested, then the authorization is swift and powerful. If it involves more souls or large groups of souls, then needs to be weighted for its relevancy for the other souls and their ability or willingness or desire or need to embrace that proposed societal change.

So, yes societal change is posible but is governed by the Source`s wisdom on when, where, why and how can be implemented. If someone picks up the vision of that impending shift, downloads it, process it, translates it in human terms and then uploads the link for its manifestation creating a bridge between cosmic energy, soul necessity and human understanding, then he or they can change the world but only because it was imminent anyway. So what actually happens is that the visionary seizes the moment, being in the moment (even if that moment lasts years or decades of earth time). He or they are not the cause of that sociatal shift but the conduit. That is all we can be anyway. Everything else is mere ignorance and arrogance on our human part.


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