Does the Soul experience time?

There is the impression that the events or major decisions in the human experience have been pre decided and are simply experienced in human terms. Is it so though or is it an illusion that experiences only the human dimension?

Or even worse could be that time is an illusion experienced even in a Soul level?

If the Soul believes in an error that needs to be rectified, healed, that may instigate the concept of time and learning through subsequent events in time and subsequent lives. Even if at the Soul level, time may fly much faster than in human earth terms, it may still be minutes of quick sequenced decisions. It is still time and that indicates separation. Anyway the illusion of the separation from the Source probably indicates time as well.

But again it may not be like that as our human perception contrains our true concept of time. It may only involve space separation with no curvature of space (which is what we call time). Perhaps there is a simultaneous occurrence in space dimension with no sequence that in our human perception implies time. Perhaps is exactly why the Soul has such a great difficulty offsetting its perception of karma, because it all happens at once in a space dimension beyond time.

This “false” belief of the Soul. What could it mean in quantum physics terms? A vibrational frequency band that does not allow movement beyond a certain point? A belief is in fact a frequency or a frequency is generated by belief? A belief is an expression of a frequency or a frequency is an expression of belief? Is there a contradiction here or is one and the same thing no matter how we view it?

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