The 6 emotions & the 6 feelings

WREAL claims that behind the emotions we experience there are deep archetypal feeling vibrations originating straight from the Universal Source. Feelings are primary cosmic pure vibrations floating in an everlasting dance. They are impersonal and are part-seeking of the Source’s cosmic cloud essential for the expression & dance of the Source’s creative energy.

Emotions on the other hand are the Soul field projections manifested as human mental reactions to raw feelings.

The human design is structurally  unable to grasp their complementary nature & their universality and the human experience of a feeling is a distorted conversion into an emotion which becomes personalized (I am angry, I am sad, I am glad, I am afraid etc)

Of course the human as a program cannot process and order this vibration and experience unless it justifies it…(I am angry because, I am glad because..etc) But this is an illusion. If we pay attention, we would actually recognize that the feeling wave precedes the reason we mentally invent to justify the emotion it creates. It even precedes the emotion generated. We experience anger for no reason and if we can withstand the absurdity of it we would distinguish that we don’t need to attach a reason to it.

The difference between feelings and emotions could be somehow explained as the difference of Tesla free energy vs an energy created and stored through an electricity grid. The first is omnipresent and abundant, the second is a scarce and inefficient use of the first.

The 5 key emotions that we experience in our human life, joy, sadness, fear, anxiety and anger have been identified and explored by Chinese philosophy & medicine which describes them as having a direct link with each of the 5 elements fire, metal, water, earth and wood and their corresponding organs heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen and liver.

WREAL added Disgust/Hatred being the 6th emotion linking with the missing 6th Chinese element, Heaven.

We can gain great insights on the true meaning of the emotions by exploring their etymological meanings in ancient Greek language. In Greek the word “feeling” as a noun is αίσθημα  and as a verb αἰσθάνομαι I feel

The word emotion is  συναίσθημα συν-αισθάνομαι, which means “with feeling or attached to feeling”.

The distinction is clear. Let’s explore them one by one:


Joy in greek is  χαρά originating from the verb χαίρω which means ἐπιθυμῶ – I desire

So according to the ancient Greeks, Joy is not pleasure but desire.

Buddhism has identified desire as the cause of human suffering, so no matter how we approach it, Joy is an illusionary transit sensation based on desire for pleasure rather than enjoyment.

Enjoyment on the other hand is the true pleasure, it is instant, unconditional and is experienced only by the ability to be present and grateful. There is no enjoyment without gratitude. Guess what. The word for thanking in greek is ευ-χαριστώ (which originates from the same root of χαίρω -desire) but means be thankful .

The way to tell the difference between Joy and Enjoyment is the presence or absence of anticipation & memory.

So behind the emotion of Joy there is the true Universal feeling of Enjoyment, Bliss & Gratitude, which means accepting joy and be thankful for it


Grief/Despair in greek is θλῖψις originating from the verb θλῶ which means I break. It is the breaking of the illusionary perception of existence & the rising sensation of futility.

When we feel grief or despair, Life actually knocks in our door, so we can feel an existential grief about the entire life. It uses a personal issue as an excuse but truly is an existential wake-up call.

The verb αἰσθάνομαι besides I feel also means I sense and I perceive. Additionally the word συν-αισθάνομαι means I feel with, empathize, sympathize.

Feeling grief without avoiding it, substituting or rationalizing it, bring us to the very essence that connect us all, we melt in this sweet soft energy of feeling empathy, resonating with everything in life.

Behind Grief there is the true Universal feeling of Empathy, feeling one with life.

The word of empathy describes more accurately the feeling of Grief instead of compassion which involves pity, indicating superiority & separateness. 


Fear is never what we think it is. We are never afraid of something.

We are afraid of the possibility of undesirable events or outcomes occurring but not the actual events or outcomes.

We are not afraid of events, we are afraid of our fear of possible events.

Fear is not to be confused with actual danger which requires a total presence in order to be identified and dealt with. The presence of Fear does not help in a case of actual danger, just the opposite, it clouds judgment of the nature & the dealing with the danger.

Fear in greek is φόβος  and originates from the verb   (φεύγω) I escape, run away. The true meaning is escape from myself. Fear may be expressed through escaping or hiding or freezing. In either case fear is a way of denial of what IS. When we experience fear and we freeze, what is actually  happening is that Life  is knocking on our door to give us the opportunity to feel a spaceless and timeless stillness. Feeling that without avoiding it, substituting it or rationalizing it, connect us with the cosmos. We resonate with everything in the universe and no action is necessary. If we stay still and silent and listen to Life`s pulse we can not possibly be afraid .

This is the true feeling behind fear, the cosmic stillness & silence  which brings us in a state of peace.


Anxiety in greek is ανησυχία meaning absence of quietness.

A sense of unidentified dissatisfaction causes a dopamine rising stress. When energetic change is about to happen or it is underway, absence of quietness is instrumental in order to stay alert and pay attention to the changes about to be taking place.

Anxiety also originates from angst which is greek is άγχος, which originates from the verb άγχω which means choke.

άγχος is a stress caused by the existential confrontation of the known with the unknown, a conflict between 2 opposing “realities” the human existence and the human non-existence. The threat of annihilation of a human’s existence erodes its entire sense of security, more than any individual fear, choking him, leaving him breathless.  As we know breath is the last barrier linking human existence and human annihilation.

So behind the emotions of anxiety and stress there is the true feeling of alertness & presence in order to fuse the paradox of our human & cosmic existence


Anger in Greek is θυμός which means Soul  ψυχή originating from  θύω, I engage passionately.

The true meaning according to the ancient Greeks is passion for life and not rage, as we have been accustomed to interpret it. Interestingly enough the same root θύω, I engage passionately, is behind the thymus gland which is the core of the immune system, as well as it is considered as the “seat of the soul”.

That definition (engage passionately) also coincides with the Chinese philosophy’s Wood element definition of creation & growth and astrological definitions of Jupiter and abundance. It is also linked to the 5th astrological house archetypal energy which is about creativity, play, childhood and empowerment.

When our creativity and empowerment gets stuck, then this energy converts into the uncomfortable emotion we call anger. Fundamentally speaking every disease is an obstruction of creativity, of the life force flowing through our system. When we feel thymos we actually feel the creativity of life knocking our door.

If we dont respond to its calling, if we substitute it, bury it and so on, it converts into anger as we know it. But if we do recognize the opportunity to be creative and passionate about Life, then, no sensation of anger as we know it, is experienced.

So behind the emotion of anger, the true feeling is passion for life & creativity.


Disgust/hatred is associated with a range of sensations ranging from simple repugnance up to outright hatred.

Disgust in greek is ἀηδία which originates from absence of ἡδονή pleasure. As disgust/ ἀηδία is the opposite of joy   επιθυμια /desire, the deeper meaning of the feeling is detachment from the desire for pleasure.

Hatred in greek is μίσος which means απεχθεια which is translated as disgust. Therefore in ancient greek disgust and hatred are synonyms.

In Buddhist mystical tradition, disgust is mentioned as a distinct stage of spiritual evolution, as a detachment from the need for pleasure and gratification. So behind the emotion of disgust there is the true feeling of detachment, linked with the missing 6th Chinese element of Heaven.

WREAL has been emphasizing the significance of that difference between emotions & feelings, not for philosophical reasons but as a tool we can use and practically navigate through the human experience while been in tune with our spiritual vibrational identity and its archetypal elements.

So in all emotion cases we have a choice of selection

    1. In Disgust/Hatred, we can choose the emotion of repugnance & hatred OR the feeling of detachment from desire & gratification
    2. In Joy, we can choose the emotion of desire for pleasure OR the feeling of enjoyment, bliss & gratitude
    3. In Fear, we can choose the emotion of escape or freezing OR the feeling of stillness, silence & peace
    4. In Anxiety, we can choose the emotion of worry & stress OR the feeling of alertness & presence
    5. In Grief, we can choose the emotion of desperation, self-pity OR the feeling of empathy
    6. In Anger, we can choose the emotion of rage & denial OR the feeling of passion for life, creativity & empowerment 

Choosing  to experience the Emotions instead of the Feelings is always a denial of what IS.

If we place close attention to the 3 pairs of Disgust &  Joy, Fear & Anxiety, Grief & Anger

the 2, 4 and 6 are active, yang, outward feelings while the 1, 3 and 5 are passive, yin, inward, quiet feelings.

All 3 pairs Joy & Disgust , Anxiety & Fear , Anger & Grief

form 3 complementary sets of seemingly  contradictory, opposing polarities.

So, why passively waiting for the erratic emotional rollercoaster to activate these emotions?

It would definitely be wiser to access, download and record/store the feelings themselves instead of the emotions.

The feelings’ access, download and storage actually voids the need for emotions.

Emotions are replaced by the pure feelings.

The Access is possible by going beyond the Soul level, connecting directly with the Source.

The Download penetrates the Soul dimension eliminating its need to instruct its human simulation to downgrade them into emotions but it also directly penetrates the human mind & body and alter its biochemistry, thereby establishing a new reality.

The Recording & Storage takes place in 3 stages involving 3 energy centers

It is firstly Seen on the 3rd eye/pineal gland

It is then Felt on the thymus gland, the “Soul seat”

It is finally Recorded/ Stored on the navel/hara ready for sharing

There is no need for downloading the feelings separately. The download should embrace the unified blend of all feelings.

We could describe how to experience all 6 fundamental feelings in a unified complete form phrasing it as:

Be  simultaneously

Alertly – Detached,

Blissfully/Gratefully – Still,

Creatively/Passionately – Empathetic

It is the ultimate food for the Soul & the alchemical solution for the human mind & body to be liberated from the emotional slavery.

Of course the perception of the Download of the Universal energy`s archetypal feelings is only a Soul and Human consciousness perception.

In fact there is no downloading, it is simply an activation of the Source code.

Recording & Storage though appear to be essential for further utilization by all dimensions.


See how the 6 karmic scripts of


are linked to the 6 emotions, 6 feelings & 6 elements 

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