The importance of the Human body

Souls appear to carry particular wounds in each human “incarnation” for which they seek healing.

The Soul “incarnates” into human bodies in order to manifest its expressions and heal those wounds.

The key in that healing is the body itself.

The human body is not just important. It is everything. The entire storehouse of the Source consciousness is in the body.

It is already downloaded and just awaits activation.

Both the Source and the Soul communicate with the human mind through the body.

Everything is here in the body and it is in the form of sound, language, mantras, chants, vibrations, music.

This is why when we are in “the here and now” we have access to everything. Access to all experiences of the Soul across time, and beyond time it is all here, it has always been here, we simply did not recall, or did not want to recall.

Is actually more accurate to say not that we are “here and now” but we are “everywhere and always”

 The body is the most important element of our existence.

It is exactly where they overlap the Mind, the Soul and the Source.

The Soul speaks through the Body showing how it feels, seeking recognition of its speaking.

The Soul generates and projects messages onto the Mind through the Body

The Source penetrates the Body through its Chi/Prana in the Pineal gland, activating the neurotransmitter system which regulates both the glandular & nervous systems and commence the chain reaction of the human experience.

The pineal gland in ancient Greek is επίφυση which means over- nature/above -nature and

originates from the verb φύω which means I appear, become.

The Mind through the body can heal the Soul.

When the human mind becomes still it “listens to the Body” and becomes quiet & observant. It can hear and sense the wound of his Soul and its Soul purpose.

The more clearly it understands the Soul calling, the quieter and more focused it becomes in manifesting its expressions.

This is why the body`s physical stillness and the silence have been integral parts of most spiritual practices throughout the ages.

What happens during that stillness and silence is that the presence of the Source vibration tunes-in with the Mind vibration activating directly the Source information.

Stillness and silence are in the heart of everything, behind all movement and sound.

In-between the musical tones, the yoga postures, the tai-chi movements, the dance sequences.

Stillness and silence are the domain of the Source consciousness, where space & time cease to exist.

Where all dimensions of consciousness intersect and align.

It is that alignment that causes the perception of healing of the Soul.

It seems that  the Source communicates with the Soul not directly but through the body because probably it is considered the most reliable, secure vehicle of recording and storing energy information in a dense vibrational form so it can serve all dimensions for “learning and evolution”. It is this feedback that the Soul perceives from the body that assists its “spiral evolution”(rather than a linear evolution which does not exist)

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