Although the perception of reality that the Soul consciousness as well as the Human consciousness have, are incomplete, distorted and illusionary in their nature due to the limitations imposed by their vibrational frequency ranges, identifying with our Source consciousness & detaching from the Soul and human realities, creates a crisis of identity for the Soul.

Being exposed to the nature of the illusion that it has based its existence on, does not void the illusion automatically. It instead creates an uncertainty about its identity and its role from now on. Also because of its ingrained guilt trip, its instinctive reaction is that it has failed once again and is worthless to the bigger scheme of things.

It is imperative at this point, that our Source consciousness recognizes the turmoil and the crisis of identity the Soul goes through and embraces the Soul, reassures it and calms it down in a “personal way” that the Soul needs at this point. It is important that our Source consciousness provides to the Soul tools of understanding within the Soul framework vibrational limits.

The key question that the Soul asks at this point is

“Ok all this I believed been real is actually not.  My whole existence has been false, a lie, a dream.

Now what am I, what do I do?

Our Source response in a language that Soul can relate to, is

“Don`t worry, you have not failed in anything, you are not obsolete, you won’t be annihilated. You are part of me, my child, I love you, I am here always for you, to protect you & guide you. There is a much more interesting & fulfilling role you can play, you will love it. “TRUST me” because I am you and you are part of me.

Although sounds as such a cliché, Soul needs desperately a replacement role that it can grasp, feel safe with, feel useful, be able to manifest and observe measurable results from it in order to let go of the attachment to the past.

Of course all this is a simplification of how the Soul experiences this shift through its human process. In reality it is a vibrational frequency alteration that takes place and creates the new experiences. Nevertheless it is absolutely essential to

attend to the Soul at its own language and limits as a loving parent, not as a judgmental or patronizing authoritative teacher.

Only this way the Soul can feel safe, loved and can let go and gradually surrender to the new vibrational frequency which penetrates its existence and aligns it with the Source vibration.

So what would be that replacement tool and new role for the Soul which can demonstrate to it that all has been worthwhile?

It is increased INSIGHT & CREATIVITY.

This is what the Soul can experience in its own language and this is in fact its true role in the cosmic blueprint.

Its role is not to be the Source vibration, its role is to express creatively the Source vibration.

This is the Soul’s true identity and when it recognizes that, it brings a sense of deep peace, a flooding of bliss and gratitude and a sense of deliverance.

This becomes for the Soul consciousness the point of reference.

No more uncertainty, no more inner conflict, no burning questions.

The Soul just feels the Source and expresses it through the human body and mind

So is not simply important we discover our true identity as Source consciousness. We also need to discover the identity and purpose of all layers of our consciousness and align them, so each one can express creatively the Source essence.

This alignment triggers an intense flood of bliss which creates a sense of humility and gratitude for been part of it all.

This where LOVE lives.

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