Human & Soul evolution

We have frequently come across the notion that the human race is about to make an evolutionary leap.

However the “human race” or better described the human dimension has not really evolved in 100’s of thousands of years. It may have “discovered” or “invented” tools, methods and other creations to elevate the technological aspect of its civilization but internally & energetically it has been haunted and trapped within the same struggles it has had, since the beginning. Fear, anger, hatred, despair, greed, lust, violence, thirst for power, judgment, guilt and separation still rule the human experience, perhaps somewhat more sophisticated but beyond any doubt similar at their core.

Even the most upstanding moral & ethical grounds of the human experience cannot uphold the damage caused by its unconscious emotional rollercoaster. On the top of that, the human limitations in all its aspects- biologically, mechanically, intellectually and most importantly spiritually (due to its inherent entrapment in duality and separation which emotions perpetuate endlessly) seem that lead towards its own unavoidable demise due to its inability to energetically evolve.

Of course it does not mean that the human dimension will be deleted altogether as a program because it can still be useful to as a training ground for the Soul dimension.

But again who says that the human dimension was designed for its own evolution? Because it seems more and more that it has been designed for the evolution of another type of consciousness, not constrained by the human limitations.

Human beings are a vibrational energy field, designed on behalf of the Universal Source via other highly evolved energy beings/angels,  primarily as a training program for the Soul dimension frequency.

“Souls” as they perceive themselves as separate (and not as a holographic part of the Source dimension), they still suffer from the agony of their perceived separation from the Source and they keep feeding this agony into the emotional rollercoaster projected into the human lives they choose. They desperately seek healing and redemption for illusionary sins they believe they have committed in endless imaginary karmic journeys. Their experience of suffering (no matter if is “caused” or “received”) is what they believe as their punishment for separation from the Source and all the “evils” they caused to other Souls.

Therefore, it would be impossible to believe that the Soul dimension would be evolved enough to design such a complex energetic and biologically sophisticated design as the Earth biosphere and the human designs.

These “separated Souls” download into the human dimension their agony and they get the illusion that they learn or can learn something from playing into the human dimension. Of course this is a fallacy and they cannot learn anything because the assumption they make of their own Soul identity as been separate is tainted by the “Original Sin” illusion

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