The “Breath of Life”

There is no breath without pulsating inhalation and exhalation.

Exhalation which starts with birth (any birth symbolism ) gives the illusion of separation and during its duration the memory of the inspiration fades out, due to its centrifugal force. The death experience (any death symbolism) reverses that energy flow into centripetal force which is the Source’s inspiration which again gives the illusionary impression of coming home, be reunited after separation.

In true Source terms there is no separation and reunification, just 2 complementary energy forces constantly alternating just like in breathing.

Both the centrifugal and centripetal forces constitute the Source just like in any breath process.

The illusion of the separation extends beyond the perceived separation from the Source into what is perceived as an illusionary identification of the Soul as separate from the other souls. Because at the moment of breath exhalation, the centrifugal force expands the energy to the space, it appears like it divides itself in different separate parts.

This is both true and false. It is true that the breath exhalation splits the energy into many parts but is false in the sense that these parts are different – they are in fact holographic representations of the Source, not separate and no different in their fundamental composition.

Creation can only express itself in duality.
The dual expressions of Creation seek to meet and acknowledge each other in order to feel complete & fulfilled by experiencing the flow state of high dopamine/high serotonin.
Their fusion leads Creation back to Unity.
However the essence of the Source frequency is NOT in Unity.
It is in the equilibrium of Unity/Dissolution & Duality/Creation.
Unity represents the inspiration of the breath process – the centripetal force, the fusion, the coming back home part.
Duality the expiration of the breath process – the centrifugal force, the separating, venturing, playing, creating part.
Unity without Duality/Creation is purposeless.
Duality/Creation without Unity is futile.
The Source frequency lays in the “Breathless state” beyond inspiration or expiration.

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