Creation: Beauty, Creators & Creations

Universal truth is what IS.
Its vibrational frequency – which is both light and sound – is expressed through mathematical laws of harmony.
These laws of harmony form archetypal shapes, geometrical forms which shape how reality presents itself to different dimensions.
These geometrical forms are not static but alive, constantly moving changing interactions but at any point/moment they are observed they freeze , crystalize to static representations giving the appearance of fixed objects.
These geometrical forms underlie the appearance of all objects and the wisdom of their creation presents itself as beauty.
Once this immense diversity of beauty is recognized, its wisdom is effortlessly revealed and appreciated .
Suddenly all the beautiful fragments magically connect.
Beauty becomes the glue that voids the illusion of separation.
Beauty becomes what awakens love. Recognition of beauty can only bring love of beauty.
Recognition of the beauty in everything creates the effortless love of beauty of the whole
Love pass through beauty.
You love everything beautiful & everything you love is beautiful.
Beauty is not however a conditional perception based on social, personal or other bias. Beauty is the diversity itself , the wise equilibrium of all representations.
Beauty is the wisdom of the fragments interacting.
We can create beauty only when we recognize beauty in everything.
We can conclude that everything is illusionary and futile OR everything is real, beautiful and purposeful.
Both statements are half accurate. The truth is composed by both no matter how distinctively disparate they seem. Holding a mutual all-inclusive view of both is probably the answer. No choice needs to be made and no judgment is required as well.
Life if both futile & beautiful. Utterly meaningless yet brilliantly purposeful.


Being a creation of the Universal Source or as we call it “God” resembles tremendously the ideas we create as humans. We are Gods to these ideas.

In ancient greek the word Creation is Δημιουργία originates from δαίω which means “share the action/result/outcome”. It also means “a deity that distributes destiny”

Correspondingly Creativity means the Creator’s  ability to share what is the creation’s process outcome just as we expect God to guide us, comfort us, reassure us, in the same way our Creations crave our attention as Creators. However just as God’s intention is that we as his creations attain consciousness of our existence and liberation of our illusion of separateness, rather than pampering us and perpetuate our insecurity, in the same way our creations/ideas don’t need our involvement.

Our creations are independent of us (but not separate of us) even if they don’t realize it yet , just like we as God’s creations don’t realize that we are independent of God (but not separate of God) .

God is present with us but not anxious of our journey. We don’t need to be anxious of our creations’ journeys. Conversely we as God’s creations don’t need to feel anxious of our journey and in the same way our creations don’t need to feel anxious of their journey.

We as creators of ideas need to be present with them, passively responding to them till they “grow up” just as God is present with us till we “spiritually grow up”.

This presence does not require an action, it requires a stillness. The presence itself connects the creation with the creator, inspires the creation to evolve and motivates the creation to become creative on its own and create further ideas.

But in fact there is no separation between God and its creations, everything that is created already exists and no creation does actually have a creator. The supposed creator is simply an expression of Consciousness itself, a channel of expression.

This is why there is no God as a separate entity because God penetrates everything and is part of everything,

Therefore he cannot be given credit for any creation and conversely cannot be anxious for the future of any creation of which it became conscious.

Each creation/idea is an independent intelligent entity that has its own existence and need of expression.

Each creation/idea chooses the circumstances and channels of expression through which it can be nurtured and flourish and among those choices it makes, it is the involvement of us as human beings, us as parents, us as souls, us as gods.

The creators serve as vehicle of creation for the creations/ideas/beings that wish to be expressed and come into “life”.

That concept definitely reverses the chain of command between creator-creation, god-human, parent-child.

Consciousness as independent state links the various roles of creation and it is the quality that makes everything connect and not be separate (even if their independence of expression gives the illusion of separateness)

There is an attraction, an affinity that links certain creations/ideas/beings that “are born”, with other creations/ideas/beings that appear as giving “birth” to them (but actually simply serve as facilitating channels/vehicles of creation).

The creators/gods/parents’ tendencies attract the creations/ideas/children and allow them to express and that “birth” gives life which then becomes an interactive journey between them of mutual influence and feedback out of which both are nourished and dance in that everlasting dance perhaps even evolve in some form (not linear, not time sequenced but cyclical, spherical multi-dimensional one).

This is the vibrational space where Existence is Action and simply Being is the only Action required because is automatic, effortless and wise as it concentrates and focuses the energy flow in the most efficient manner, the “path of least resistance”.

It is the vibrational moment when the creators/gods/parents are not responsible for the creations that pass through them (although they nurture them and love them) but without agony, without anxiety, without guilt, without ego trips about the direction of these creations.

Also  it is the vibrational moment when the creations/ideas/children don’t feel dependent on their seemingly creator, are not helpless, are not worthless and don’t feel separate or disconnected and are not in agony on how to rectify what they perceive as their grave error that they need to undo, compensate for, heal or learn a lesson about .

The only purpose all forms of creations and creators have is to BE present (as much as possible) with Consciousness itself, the source of all creation. Every other partial responsibility they may have during this dance, becomes an instinctive wisdom that guides them along—just like how a creator nourishes an idea, a parent loves and gently protects a child without overprotecting it, a god loves and responds to the needs of a being without disempowering him/her.

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