WREAL Consciousness Transformation Retreats

WREAL has been organizing since 2023 what it calls CONSCIOUSNESS TRANSFORMATION RETREATS AND PROGRAMS.

They consist of one or more of the following techniques

Meditation traditions Buddhist, Hinduistic, Christian, Jewish, Sufi, and various non-denominational

Energy movement such as Yoga, Taichi, Qigong, Martial arts, Dancing, Whirling

Shamanic traditions with sacred plants such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Mescaline, Iboga,

Sensory isolation usually in flotation tanks or pools in horizontal or vertical position

Entrainment devices such as Light & Sound, Brain waves, Electrical or Magnetic stimulation

Kundalini awakening through pranayama, meditation, shamanic rituals, ecstatic dancing,

Fasting methods such as juicing, colon cleansing, water, breatharian

Oxygen therapies such as Ozone insufflations or transdermal, EBOO blood ozonation or IV

Human Growth Hormone endogenous production stimulation via homeopathic precursors

Neurotransmitter stimulation of serotonin, dopamine, non-epinephrine directly or via homeopathic or amino-acid precursors

Pineal gland awakening through shamanic traditions, meditations, or use of devices

– Archetypal Feeling activation, replacing the need for emotions

– Tuning, sound vibration entrainment

Neurons “Action potential” stimulation and Neuron Axon elongation with the use of Cadherins Pcad-2

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