We can NEVER return to the Source

Most things experienced in our human form are Soul experiences, reflecting a desire of the Soul to express itself.

There are though occasional exceptions though, when the Source consciousness directly interacts with the human dimension, something that has been frequently described as “state of grace” or “miracles”.

All of the Soul expressions are imaginary ones, all been programs.

If there is any meaning at all observing this human dimension is simply for decoding what this particular fragment of the Soul dimension has determined to experience.

However even this is not worth investigating and waste energy. Simply passively observing without bias or movement. Observing not because is important to unlock the mysteries of the Soul.

There are no mysteries or solutions, they are all programs.

Solving them is no more important than solving a sudoku in the newspaper or winning a video game.

It may be fun, something to buy or kill time but no more than that.

There is no real meaning behind the experiences that the Soul seeks.

It is just play. NEITHER to be judged and dismissed NOR to place importance on.

The Soul dimension is programmed to invent meaning in order to create time in the human dimension.

The only real obstacle in the Soul’s agony to return back to the Source is exactly its agony, its trying to return, to find the way back. There is NO return, there is NO way back because only separateness can experience that journey.

The “return” to the Source is impossible, simply because the Soul dimension and its illusionary particles IS the Source.

When we are as humans speak of self-consciousness, the definition we give is the consciousness of separate individual existence.

For WREAL the definition of self-consciousness is the recognition of our Source consciousness identity.

Source consciousness becomes aware of itself across all the platforms both Soul and human as well as others.

This is where comes the concept of “being present”.

The Source energy vibrates and penetrates all platforms of its existence and expression and they all align and merge remembering their true identity and nature, being Source vibration.

Presence in Ancient Greek is παρ-ουσια which means next or in front of the essence

while absence is απ-ουσια meaning separation from the essence

It is most interesting that in Ancient Greek the following words

γιγνὠσκω, αντιλαμβἀνομαι, αἰσθἀνομαι, σκἐπτομαι, φαντἀζομαι, ενθυμοὐμαι, αντιλαμβἀνομαι, σκοπεὐω, μανθἀνω πιστεὐω, κρἰνω, ορὠ, αἰω, παρατηρὠ, εξετἀζω, εννοὠ, οίομαι, θεωρὠ, βουλεὐω, νομἰζω, υποθέτω, δοκὠ, διαλογἰζομαι,

which translate correspondingly to

know, perceive, feel, think, imagine, remember, understand, intend, learn, believe, judge, distinguish, see , hear, listen, observe, review, mean, discriminate, decide, attend, study, reflect, visualize, meditate,

mean the approximate same thing, their meanings cross-referring to each other attempting to describe one single yet wider concept which contains all of the above meanings.

A single concept that includes observation, perception, feeling, knowing, belief. A concept that resembles being at the Here & Now, observing & feeling with trust what is Known.


The Source consciousness is limitless yet it chooses to limit itself, so it can creatively express itself through duality/separation while interacting & connecting its parts – “its programs”
Through these programs the Source can experience the oscillation of highs & lows of duality & creation, the passion for life and its futility too.

There is no way to experience the Source consciousness within the human dimension without passing through the “Void” which is also part of the Source.
The Void is the scariest part that can be experienced in the human dimension.
It is so, because it dissolves all composed Soul identities and there is nowhere to attach.

Venturing in the Void accidentally or arrogantly, is the most dangerous trip which can
EITHER result in some sort of disassociation: mental(catatonia), physical(death), spiritual(timeless/space-less floating)  OR most likely in abruptly been sucked back into duality as a defence mechanism.

Therefore an acknowledgment & preparation in regards of its existence and its purpose is required before entering in it. Although the experience is usually shocking and gives the impression of an infinite loss, it is not so.

The Void’s purpose is to shield and protect the structural integrity of its creation parts from accidental destruction or cross-contamination from other parts.
It is “a thin membrane” and “a short phase” although space & time are irrelevant there.
The only thing required is a firm focus and unshakeable belief to the existence of the Source beyond the Void.
The stronger & firmer the focus & belief the “faster” the transverse.

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