There are NO Individual Souls

The perception that we are different Souls interacting with each other in a never ending karmic loop, is an illusion.

There are no different separate Souls interacting with one another.

This is the result of the misconception of the light diffraction and infraction in the space dimension.

The soul dimension is an energy field vibrating in a certain frequency range.

That frequency range shapes the Source energy field into forming the space dimension.

Not the 3- dimensional space we perceive as humans but an open multidimensional cosmic space beyond time.

Time is also a vibrational frequency and is formed by a certain distortion of that space, curving it and condensing its field. Is created specifically for earth or other planetary life and integrates the concepts of birth, growth, decay and death.

In that infinitely open space Soul dimension, the light diffraction and infraction of the Source energy creates the illusion of spatial distance between its holographic “particles”. In fact there are no such particles and is simply light vibrating.

It is just its frequency that gives the illusionary impression that it is disperse – therefore separate particles.

The vibration of the Source across that space is neither constant nor uniform but rather fluctuating. That non-uniform and non-constant vibrational range enhances the illusion of spatial distance and separateness. That also gives the illusion of Soul evolution and more advanced Souls vs less advanced ones. The spikes and dips of the Source energy and its fluctuating intensity flowing across that infinite space gives the impression of evolution and difference in Soul awareness. In fact the awareness is different because of that fluctuation and not because a part of that field is inherently different or separate or has any permanent features that makes it more or less “advanced”.

It seems more likely that

the Human body and mind consciousness is a shared platform for Soul consciousness (or planetary energies) in general.

(not any particular Soul because anyway there are no particular separate souls).

Diverse areas of the Soul consciousness may feel that a particular area of the human consciousness (which we as humans identify as a “specific human body or mind”) holds a more appropriate value as an expression vehicle.

It is like a sea of Soul consciousness expressing itself through a sea of Human consciousness.

The different waves or colors or depths or reflections of that ocean does not make the essence of that ocean`s droplets any different in their nature and that applies to both the Soul and the human dimensions.


Or another example could be the ocean water (Soul) hitting the shore (human) which has sand, pebbles, rocks, vegetation in different areas of it. The water is water and the land is land, no matter of their different appearance, composition or purpose. The water shapes the shore with its waves and tide. In turn the ocean water (Soul) is influenced by the moon, the rain, the wind, the sun (expressions of the Divine consciousness) which modify its expression. Equally the shore (Human) is influenced not only by the water (Soul) but also by the rain, the sun, rivers, the wind (divine consciousness).

Therefore the interplay between all dimensions is the name of the game and is futile to try to separate its parts or identify which causes what, because the interactions are multidimensional.

However not any part of the Soul consciousness will be blindly attracted to a specific part of the Human consciousness (human body/mind). It would have to be relevant and limited to the specs of that human consciousness part.

These specs are initially defined by things like the DNA, the astrological birth chart profile, as well as being partially altered by periodic cycles and influences.

Most importantly the degree and extent of “illumination” of that human part by the Source consciousness increases or decreases the human consciousness level of presence and modify the dna/astrological profile, so it may attract different soul parts to be expressed through it. This is what is interpreted as human evolution.

Another important element of the Soul consciousness is that is expressed via diverse forms, not simply human but also other time- based dimensions. The insights, dreams, visions and other conscious or unconscious perceptions of other dimensions we experience as humans are frequently glimpses of those Soul experiences in other time dimensions.

This is the beauty of creation.

That the Soul dimension experiences can be shared through the Soul platform with its diverse time-based expression platforms (human and others). The degree of the frequency and intensity as well as the diversity of those shared experiences depends on the level of Presence and the frequency activation of the Source consciousness.

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