The “Original Sin”

Behind all wounds , lies the fundamental wound of the “separation from the Source”

This fundamental wound of the separation from the Source, is the wound we should focus on.

Healing our Soul dimension through our human body`s awareness.

Healing from an “illusionary sin” that our Soul believes it has committed and has separated from the Source.

The entire journey of the Soul into projections, “incarnations”, avatars, matrix fields, has had the purpose to find an answer on why it has separated from the Source, how to repent, how to be worthy of the unification again and how to return to the Source

An entire journey of pain and suffering all of which has been based on an illusionary assumption of an imaginary sin of its separation.

Revisiting ancient Greek language once again

The words Sin – “αμαρτἰα”, Fate/Destiny – “Μοἰρα”  and Share – “Μοιρἀζω” originate from the same root word “μεíρομαι” which means I receive the part that belongs to me or the part I deserve, I remember, I perceive  

The healing of the Soul according to WREAL is consisting of the recognition that

there has been no sin, nothing to repent for, nothing to compensate for with another “incarnation” another karmic journey, simply because there has been no separation of the Soul from the Source

and all the guilt & blame, all the unworthiness experienced, all the doubt of the existence of love,

all that are Soul`s illusionary misinterpretations of the Source’s breath of life.

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