The holographic nature of the Source

The new position and movement in space-time, caused by that breath exhalation, gives the impression of the separation and difference between those holograms of the Source but that is only because their spatial viewpoint through which they experience their existence is different. However their distinct spatial view does not make their identity different, does not make them separate from the other parts of the Source or the Source itself.

The entire illusion on all levels, both the Human and the Soul is

caused by the misconception of the light diffraction and infraction

instead of the holographic nature of everything.

Once the holographic nature of everything is perceived, the light misconception is revealed.

There is no light bouncing off, because that is the very thing that creates the illusion of shades and differences and separateness. The hologram’s nature explains and clarifies all this misconception.

A true hologram from whichever angle you may observe it, is the same, it is a complete multidimensional picture.

It does not need to be balanced by finding its missing parts because it has no missing parts or colors. The need to balance it by compensating for the missing parts which need to be found and merged is an illusion.

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