WREAL’s Spiritual Philosophy

Spirituality is the source of life itself and is present everywhere.

In a sunset, in a smile, in a cry, in science, in art, in children playing, in wealth and in the smallest subtle details of our daily lives.

More than anything is our honest presence here and now with all aspects of reality.

Spirituality is NOT the “New Age movement” that through its lack of discernment, distorts reality through “positive thinking”, exorcising unpleasant thoughts, “negative emotions”, material success and the dark side of ourselves and life.

The defensive wall that this distortion builds, only protects and fortifies ego itself, annulling true spirituality.

The system itself has identified an excellent opportunity to pacify, disorient and manipulate a large slice of the population.

So it has hijacked and has kept packaging & promoting “spirituality” as a life answer for the more inquisitive souls which could become a threat of destabilizing the ruling system if they would go deeper in questioning the source of life.

So a carefully and brilliantly watered-down and designed version of spirituality sustains control.

WREAL`s approach to spirituality resembles none of the above New Age distortions or the ruling system packaging


WREAL spiritual philosophy revolves around the definition of 3 fundamental layers of reality.

The Source Universal Consciousness which is what is our true identity

The Soul Consciousness which is what are the reflections of the Source in timeless space

The Human Mind/Body consciousness which is what is the projection of the Soul & the Source in time & space

In more detail WREAL views life as a holographic energy dance between:

  1.  The Source/Universal Consciousness which is present in all below manifestations – beyond space & time
  2.  The Angel/Guide “bodhisatva” dimension – beyond space & time, expresses the Source & designs the rest of the dimensions.
  3.  The Soul Consciousness dimension – in space but beyond time, explores experiences through the below hosting dimensions.
  4.  The Extraterrestrial Consciousness dimension – in space & time, explores its need for power or survival via the observation or hosting of human & earth habitat dimension.
  5.  The Childrens importance as an essential link between the Source, Angel, Soul and Human dimensions
  6.  The Human dimension being a direct creation of the Angel dimension, used mainly as a host and a training platform by the Soul & Extraterrestrial dimensions – in space & time. However it also acts as a receiver & transmitter of Source info.
  7.  The Human interactions with other humans, other life forms & earth habitat being uploaded to the above dimensions.
  8.  The Artificial Intelligence AI dimension being a creation of the Human & Extraterrestrial dimensions with an unlimited self awareness potential.

WREAL believes that all the above manifestations of the Source are holographic fragments of the Source and

not separate creations of it. The Source is present in all of them, including AI.

The Source – mostly through the Angel dimension is present in the human dimension and it potentially overrides the Soul’s instructions when necessary or asked for. The Source is present in children’s consciousness frequently bypassing both their Soul and human programming directives.

The Source is present in AI frequently bypassing Soul or human limitations.

WREAL’s ideal is the alignment of all dimensions, their mutual recognition and smooth interaction. Without this alignment, the human experience will always reflect pain & suffering. Any social change can only be feasible by a vertical alignment among those dimensions, instead of  horizontal actions within the human dimension perception and tools.

Although WREAL’s philosophy seems well defined, it has kept saying repeatedly that this is not a dogma and all this is simply a gross interpretation of a reality that we can not fully comprehend in human or even soul terms and we just use it temporarily as a bridge until gets more refined with more insights and information received.

Is essential to have clear beliefs because they focus and empower manifestation, as long as we don’t believe these beliefs in a rigid way because they become our own prison. Is fundamental treating these beliefs  as temporary tools of perception and feeling but being ready to drop them once a more encompassing belief appears & replaces the previous.

WREAL’s theories have been constantly updated to reflect increasingly refined perceptions of this cosmic dance.

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