Beyond Light and Darkness

The distinction between light and darkness is only a perception of our limited 3d -human frequency in which we are

programmed to function. It would be more accurate to say that

there is this infinite omnipresent state of dark light where there is no light or darkness as we tend to interpret.

Life has no meaning and has no purpose.  It has no independent, objective overriding meaning.

What that means is that it has no meaning other than the one that Soul chooses to give and has no purpose other than the purpose that Soul decides to focus and direct its attention towards.

Everything we experience as humans is  mostly a choice made on a Soul level and when is experienced in human terms is interpreted within the frames of the mind but in such a way so it can confirm or test a preconceived notion of the Soul.

As long as we identify with the Soul , as who we are, the journey of the Soul does not end, and does not answer any questions, does not heal any wounds, or fixes any problems.

Simply because all of those exist only in the Soul dimension and not objectively.

Soul is programmed to seek and never find what it seeks, or even if temporarily finds something, it is only a break before another seeking. The primary and fundamental seeking though cannot be fulfilled because that is how the Soul dimension is frequency-programmed.

The space where all the questions are answered and all wounds are healed and all the problems are gone is actually beyond the Soul dimension. In the Dark Light space where there are No questions, No wounds, No problems.

So here comes the obvious question. What is the meaning of hanging around in a Soul that projects its seeking through human or even non-human experiences, an endless failure?

Well it depends who is asking the question. The only one who can ask such a question is the Soul consciousness, which keep seeking meaning.

The answer lies where there is no question, in the Dark Light space.

In that space, judgment, separation, righteousness and defense are concepts with no use.

The absence of difference, eliminates separation which voids judgment and dissolves righteousness.

Nothing needs to be defended.

Everything just IS and what IS embraces the perception of Soul and human mind as its indistinguishable part.

This identification with that dark light space registers in the body and by being stored there, activates the Source frequency vibration and affects both the Soul and the human dimensions.

The Soul experience “healing” and clarity and according to its limited perception a sense of “progress” which is a form of true spiral evolution rather than a linear evolution as the Soul usually perceives it.

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