Success & Failure Laws

It is an issue that runs on several layers of reality and WREAL has revealed and exposed several of these layers as detailed below.


Success depends on the 6-fold combination between what someone

needs, strongly desires / contributes, deserves / believes and values.

A1 -Whenever there is a consistent desire which develops into a necessity OR there is a necessity that creates a strong desire,

A2 -Whenever there is a contribution of some form of energy like skill, money, time or other resources which develops into deserving some reward for that contribution OR there is  a reason to justify a reward for a related or unrelated contribution in the present,  past, or future,

A3 -Whenever there is present a belief system that values certain things more than others OR there is present a value system that evolves into a belief system

Then the relative value of these 6 elements working in polarity pairs, determines the degree of success or failure in anything.


 However we need to realize, understand & accept that the potentiality of success & failure have to be decided in either the Space dimension (in some or most fields of life) OR the Time dimension (for some time or almost always). None of the 2, success or failure can manifest in both space and time in all fields of life and always. We simply have to choose what matters more to us in areas of life as well as in certain time periods and “succeed” there while we consciously “fail” on the areas or the times that are not important. That balancing and decision act between success & failure is the “potentiality” dimension

Because of our inability to accept this law, our successes and failures are random and temporary.

The time dimension represented by Fire (sometimes) and Wood (always) – the physical

The space dimension represented by Metal (somewhere) and Water (everywhere) – the emotional

The potentiality dimension represented by Earth (limited/conditional) and Heaven (unlimited/unconditional)- the mental/spiritual




Additionally, there is more into Success and Failure which are usually misinterpreted and outcomes get distorted by our fixed & limited expectations or belief systems. In reality there is NO failure and everything is a success in waiting, relative to the total quantity we have invested in all its forms. Every action produces something of equivalent value and if we have the clarity to recognize it and appreciate it we have the opportunity to `reinvest` it. A real success could take the form of gaining money, experience, knowledge, credibility, satisfaction or frequently a new opportunity to reach one of these. A “failure” on the other hand is always an opportunity to reassess and `add investment` on one of more of its forms in order to reach the desired outcome. An example of that principle applied   in business/investment follows below.


Going further into the issue, our perceived successes and failures in this life are far from it. In fact there is NO success NOR failure as such. Failures are simply an interpretation of the energy not visibly manifesting towards our supposed goal or direction. However that energy has gone somewhere in another dimension and most likely went exactly where it was meant to go serving the needs of that dimension which most likely requested that set of actions to be undertaken. Success on the other hand is an illusion but an energy necessary to glue us in a particular position or direction where the unseen subtle things actually happen to serve the dimension that requested it. In a nutshell there is nothing to be gained or lost in this life no matter how it may seem so. The real purpose of our actions in earth dimension refers to the dimension/s that ordered those actions (or phrasing it better the results or processes represented by those actions rather than the actions themselves). Everything we experience here represents or symbolizes something else and is almost never what appears to be although at times may be of similar or parallel meaning, especially with more presence.

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