Earth Grid Power spots & Vortex Astrology

Earth Grid Power spots


WREAL has gone out of its way to establish branches & operations , specially WREAL communities in specific locations worldwide claiming that these locations, according to research relating to the Earth’s energy grid- the electromagnetic field that surrounds the planet, there are certain energy meridians that intersect in certain “power spot” locations.

These locations according to WREAL although have been of great importance to the earth for thousands of years, However due to the astronomical shift of the solar system over these millennia, they needed to be updated to reflect their present position. For example the grid location of the Angkor Wat in Cambodia has been shifted to the Gulf of Thailand, the Machu Picchu to the NW Peruvian coast, the Egyptian pyramids to the Nubian desert, The Bermuda Triangle to the Yucatan peninsula.

The use of those earth grid power locations has been used by WREAL in conjunction with Vortex astrology locations which could have an impact to individuals or to entities. It claims that these choices have been instrumental to its success, simply because it always paid attention in being aligned with the Universal flow.

WREAL got interested in Vortex Astrology since its establishment and it did not even considered it an astrological theory but rather an energy alignment essential for harmonizing one’s life or a project’s life with the Universe.


History of Vortex astrology.

Vortex Astrology was developed in 1995 by a European man living in Thailand, as a result of his intense research into astrological techniques for a decade earlier and four-year research on astrological software. He was still discontent with the accuracy, intensity, clarity and usefulness of the astrological results. Traditional astrology appeared limited to identifying basic traits and tendencies, personality strengths and weaknesses, leaving you powerless in the hands of karma or time (through transits, progressions etc). No practical, immediate solution was proposed. When he started experimenting with relocational astrology mapping techniques – Astrocartography, Local space maps and Prime vertical – he initially found fascinating that you could take a planetary force of your choice and magnify its effects by visiting or going to live near this line. It took him quite a while to figure out that these mapping systems were not very accurate.

Firstly: they would cover great (rather than specific) distances across the planet.

Secondly: even a small mistake in a birth time would deviate the lines very radically (at least 70% of people are mistaken by at least 15’, which gives a very distorted picture of the lines).

Thirdly: it is okay to magnify the effect of, let’s say, Jupiter or Venus to achieve a desired outcome, but what happens with the rest of life? What about how to take action (Mars), how to communicate (Mercury), how to focus and manifest (Saturn), how to feel (Moon), how to learn not to compromise (Uranus) and so on? All other parts of our personality stay repressed rather than utilized and, more importantly, not linked with the soul’s purpose (the Moon`s nodes). Anyway, no-one was proposing or encouraging people to go to their Saturn lines to learn how to focus and manifest or to go to the Nodes line to identify the soul’s purpose, they only recommended Venus(intimacy) or Jupiter(abundance).

When he “accidentally” invented (or better said discovered) Vortex Astrology, the distinctions became obvious and the implications were of immense proportions. Vortex Astrology doesn’t resemble other astrological systems. It is a method that has more relevance to physics, mathematics and sacred geometry. Its essence simply needed a communication vehicle, a “language” that we could relate to, so the message could be revealed.

The founder has been saying that he just happened to be familiar with astrology, research prone and inquisitive, so he could decode the message. He was saying that he couldn’t ever be grateful enough to thank the Universal Source for this gift and he couldn’t take personal credit for this, because he didn’t actually invent it. It came to him and struck him like a lightning bolt. In the beginning, he didn’t have a clue how to discover those locations. He was simply guided by insight. After many thousands of charts, the mystery had been largely revealed. It is the basic (but not widely known) laws of electromagnetic and gravitational fields, which are 70-80% predictable. There is still 20-30% detectable but unpredictable behavior, which combats any arrogance of knowing it all and feeling important.

He also found that the total numbers of vortex locations is only about 220 with 33 of which appearing more frequently. That led him to believe that these spots are like “star gates”, somewhere in space-time continuum where our human life commences when we enter the earth dimension and this is where we leave our “soul space jacket” so to speak and lose consciousness in a physical sense. Revisiting that particular location through which we energetically manifested in physical form, creates an osmosis putting together the physical body with the soul at the point of disconnection.

In these vortex locations, a person’s life experience has the potential to be fully integrated and for all parts of the personality to merge towards the soul’s intentions. Those locations are of unique magnitude in the empowerment, wisdom, peace and love they generate in a person’s life. They are unmistakable personal vortices, aligning us with our soul and the entire universe. He discovered that all people have two such vortices that can be of immediate (or near future) use.

He believed that a dramatic accelerated shift in our planet’s vibration and the human consciousness during the mid 90’s has been the cause of the need for full alignment of our personalities’ attributes towards our inner beings’ intentions. He had personally experimented by temporarily and permanently living in such locations and  he had experienced the consciousness shift taking place within a few days and it not only being a passing effect but also having a deep effect of a permanent nature, long after leaving the place. He described it as a sense of knowing/remembering something fundamental which cannot be forgotten again.

That led him to feel and understand that these spots, although they can be greatly beneficial as places of residence, they don’t have to be such. Their function seems to be similar to that of an energy vortex. You go in, you open up your heart, you listen, you see inside yourself unconditionally and with no specific expectations, you allow the energetic information to be transmitted to you, to virtually feel it in your body if possible. There is nothing to be understood or to be figured out while you are there, unless it appears spontaneously and intuitively. The understanding will manifest after days, weeks or months, depending on your level of awareness and level of resistance towards the newly-learned information, even if you initially feel no difference (which is only the mind resisting the experience).

Although all of the above are useful practices, no matter where we are or what we do, generally our lives being exposed to the energy of those particular personal vortices opens up a gateway to communicate with our inner being and identify with it in a clear, definite, irreversible way that changes the way we experience life and ourselves forever.

The whole life plot is being presented energetically in front of us. Both the past and the future can be experienced right now. We don’t have to seek anything anymore. It is all right there in front of us in those locations. All the energies inside of us and our links with the universe are harmoniously blended. We can simply open our eyes, ears and hearts and that is all that is needed.

Although theoretically we can do the same anywhere and anytime, chances are that we have not. Why? Probably because we haven’t been exposed to the intensity needed and our energies and links with the universe have been scattered, leading us to believe that there is something missing, something not functioning at full capacity and it is so because of circumstances or others (blame) or because of our failure to grasp it (guilt). He has been saying that once you enter your personal power spot with no limited expectations, with an open heart and mind, you will discover the answer, you will discover your own voice, the unmistakable knowing and remembering. You will virtually be positioned in the ultimate retreat environment and maximum intensity and this time nothing can go wrong. You’ll see yourself in the mirror, both light and shadow. This time, however, you will be surprised that you will not be frightened or embarrassed by the shadows. You will recognize their significance and role in your inner being’s blueprint. This acceptance of the shadows will be the key revelation in your evolution. Even if you try to resist and avoid the experience, the denial won’t work this time. Your exposure to these energies of harmony and alignment activates a resonance of remembering in your own psyche in an irreversible way.

If you are, evolutionarily speaking, not ready for this exposure, you won’t come across Vortex Astrology, you will miss it and even if you have your charts done, you won’t go to one of your vortex locations. Once you go there, you will have crossed that line inside you that will fulfill your wildest dreams.

Some people have already, unconsciously, been visiting or living in these locations or intend to in the near future. With others, their path has gradually taken them closer and although they are still far from it, their consciousness has dramatically shifted, but their dissatisfaction hasn’t yet manifested in a relocation towards these energies.

No matter what your current reality is, if your intention is to claim responsibility for your life – to recognize your inner power, love and wisdom and apply it in action, creating and shaping life according to your inner choices – is deep and honest, then this information can greatly assist you in accelerating your journey.

Remember, vortex locations don’t cause something new. Our soul knows, but the cells of our body don’t know yet. This is why we need to physically enter this field and experience it. If we haven’t yet, then the magnetic pull towards this “higher order” is increasing and projecting external events and circumstances, appropriately designed to facilitate the manifestation of the soul’s chosen mission. If we have already come close or are even exactly at a vortex location, then our cells have registered the information and have activated the shift of consciousness. Actually, there are four cells in the perineum that “belong” to the soul, holding the entire blueprint of our DNA.

It works, even if we don’t mentally understand or are unaware of any of these things, because the cells of our body change irreversibly. This cellular restructuring eventually affects the brain cells’ information processing, so that the entire belief system has to change to reflect the new higher speed. An entirely new set of synapses in the brain cells allows the perception of multiple new possibilities to emerge, but it still takes time to complete, simply because mentally filtering all the new information slows down the process. When this information is transmitted via words and can become mentally perceived and stored, then a powerful bridge between mind and soul has been established. If this information is irrelevant to the soul, then it makes no difference. If it is of significance to the soul, then a whole new sequence of events and circumstances emerges to accelerate the completion. From now on, the mind doesn’t perceive a threat, because the information has been stored and is considered “known” or “old”.

People who travel frequently or for prolonged periods of time change rapidly and this change becomes obvious to them, as well as to the people who know them. The same thing in a more accelerated form happens to people who relocate or migrate a substantial distance. Long distance traveling or relocation is a powerful tool in the hands of the small number of humans who can travel and evolve rapidly. Most places we travel to (no matter how seemingly irrelevant or accidental) seem to, have been chosen by us in advance. Our soul chooses the required energy experience and by bypassing the mind’s approval, through a reasonable “excuse”, leads the body to the appropriate energetic field where this new experience can be learned or starts to be learned. The choice of how the experience will affect body and mind has been determined by the soul before travel. You can put ten million people in the same location and everyone will perceive it differently, because they need to perceive it differently. Otherwise, how could we learn?

When there is no flow in our life, we tend to blame it on others, ourselves or circumstances. Until now, we have been firmly believing that someone or something must be wrong and it can be fixed if we try harder. It is like someone who is a surfer being dropped into a lake and still trying to surf. No matter how great his skill is or how powerful his intentions or will, it simply can’t happen and no-one or nothing is at fault. If you want to surf, you go to do it in surfing water. If you want to go boating in serene waters, you go to a lake. It is a simple choice, but our mind doesn’t have a clue whether it is boating or surfing – it has to physically experience the difference.

The Moon nodes- The soul’s signposts

The Moon Nodes in esoteric astrology reflect the soul’s journey in this lifetime (or whatever we perceive as a separate “life”). The South Node represents the “past” – the known, the familiar, the old, the conditioned response, what we have already experienced. The North Node represents the “future” – the unknown, the ultimate fulfillment of the soul in this life, if we do what we came here for and complete our soul’s mission.

The planets that represent the various pieces of our personality

Sun          our inner identity

Moon       our feelings

Mercury   our need for mental understanding and communication

Venus      our sense of harmony, beauty and peace (yin)

Mars        our need for action

Jupiter     our need for expansion, growth, joy and wisdom

Saturn     our need to focus, limit, organize, discipline, concentrate and structure, so that we can manifest            physically

Uranus    our need to break down limitations, doing and exploring the “impossible”

Neptune  our need to unify with all of life

Pluto        our need to eliminate the old and be reborn

All the planets that represent the various pieces of our personality must get aligned with the nodal axis in order for our soul to physically manifest its purpose. This is when the inner conflict is rapidly fading until extinction. There is only one thing to do, one purpose, and it becomes clear beyond any doubt. It is not a hope. There is no hope. It is the feeling of certainty, of clarity, of what is true and important. Everything else becomes either irrelevant and drops out or is serving that single purpose. Life doesn’t end here, it is just beginning and from now on there are no real obstacles, because the energy field is doing the work (just like the wind moving a sailboat). No effort is needed. The only thing required is to simply recognize where the wind blows and follow it.

The chart on the left is an example of a chart representing a “voltage of 180,000 volts” where it can be seen how dispersed are the planetary/personality positions and it can be imagined why is difficult to have an integrated life experience when forces drag you in different directions. The other 3 charts represent a voltage between 940,000 -990,000 and the alignment becomes obvious (an alignment of not only of all the planetary/personality energies but also the moon nodes/soul path).

The vortex planetary alignment simply reflects our soul’s inner alignment. It is our soul’s mirror in space. That is the beauty of it. Although we theoretically know that time and space are one thing, our minds are unable to comprehend time spatially. How can you manipulate, condense and extend time? Wait or just miss the right time? Space, though, is fixed, permanent and you can always plug in and when it’s enough plug out. When the soul (not the body) experiences the vortex alignment, it stores the experience and its evolutionary implications in the cells, causing a rapid change.

The vortex locations are not causing something that we (at a soul level) don’t already know. At the soul level there is nothing new and there is absolutely no way that an experience that our soul has determined to live on a physical level won’t be lived. The only question is whether it is going to take a few years or a few hundred “lifetimes”. It is the resistance of the mind, the fears and procrastinations that prolong the inevitable and prolong the extent of the suffering.

We’ve got to do it anyway, but we can save a lot of time and pain. We can skip all these partial experiences, all these little, unconnected lessons that we learn here and there, but we don’t know how they fit together. It is like trying to assemble a puzzle and you don’t have a clue about how it looks once it’s completed, but if you can “cheat” and look at the box, then you know it is, say, a castle rather than an elephant. Once you know this, it is impossible that you won’t be able to assemble it and the time involved is drastically reduced. So let’s “cheat”. Why try to cross an entire continent on foot when you know you can get a plane?

A word of caution.

If you haven’t been around or at a vortex location before BE CAREFUL! Don’t jump in too fast and don’t stay too long. Quick, frequent trips will serve you better. Otherwise you may have to experience a kind of healing crisis or catharsis.

In the past, most, if not all, of us couldn’t handle the intensity of the higher vibration. We are used to living in zone of 10,000 to 50,000 “volts”, while a vortex zone is up to 1 million “volts”. If we accidentally cross it with no preparation, we may experience a shocking electrical surge that blows out our circuits.

The Earth’s vibrational shift over the last 30 years is now allowing us to sustain the higher light frequency and evolve faster. If you find the vortex location too intense or it isn’t very suitable for living, settling in a 700,000 to 900,000 “volts” zone (900,000 is usually within a thousand kilometers radius) is fine and highly recommended in order to stabilize the assimilation of the new energy.

Don’t make mentally motivated decisions to visit or live in a vortex location. The mind is unable to fully comprehend the depth of the shift and is always basing decisions on expectations and twisted perceptions of reward. The decision has to be based on a gut feeling that this is not new, but already known and feels right.

So what to do now?

Feel it, don’t think too much about it. If you can’t feel it, you’ve got two choices:

Sit back and wait until these weird synchronicities start hitting you.

Be experimental and go for a short visit of one or two weeks, but with no particular expectations.

The experience is a body experience and unless you are well-tuned into your physical body and your right perceptions and feelings, you’d probably skip or misinterpret it mentally. In Vortex Astrology, most traditional theories of astrology fade out. It is not simply a reflection of possibilities, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. Life here becomes an irreversible fact and you are in action, the only action that matters, and mental resistance hurts more than the fear of the unknown. There are no more dilemmas or doubts about what to do, because you are left with only one choice: the original choice of the soul, which is now remembered.

Vortex locations don’t necessarily have to be places to live in, although the amount of time and/or the frequency you expose yourself to them accelerates the process. You can simply visit them and carry back home the higher vibration experience and watch your life changing rapidly. The more it does, the more magnetically pulled you’ll be towards the wider areas, wanting to repeat and prolong it. If it escalates to a point where you decide to live there or as close as possible (within a 1,000km radius), so be it.

If you wonder what you can do there, whether you can make a living or whether you can find and keep a partner, don’t worry! The vortex energy field causes such an abundance of opportunities that you won’t be able to believe it. All your dreams and soul needs (in contrast to the mental desires) rapidly manifest and all your fears rapidly release. Life flows very, very fast.

One thing is certain. You’ve asked for this opportunity to dramatically accelerate your soul’s journey. If you were not ready, you wouldn’t have asked for this opportunity and you wouldn’t even allow yourself to hear about it, because the fear of knowing would be too great to handle. You’ve overcome that fear, though. You are probably fed up with searching for that big missing link and you are probably sick-n tired of blaming life, others and yourself for all the “wrongs”. You’ve grown to the point that you’ve taken the responsibility to go through this time, rather than trying to avoid, bypass, skip, prolong or escape your life purpose. You may still feel the fear of the unknown, but it isn’t strong enough to stop you moving ahead. It has become simple for you too. Now it is time to take action to express your innermost needs and practically contribute your skills towards a better world – today.

For the first few years the founder of Vortex astrology was calculating charts for individuals until someone asked him, if that could apply to entities such as organizations for example. Instantly he got excited with the idea and it seemed equally logical that it could apply to entities as well because they also have a birth place and date/time.

However the calculations had to be made on a time axis rather than on a space axis used in the personal charts and it was substantially more complex to master time as being a 4-dimensional space. It needed a massive calculating power to run thousands of simulations at once, something that could not be accomplished back then.

However, the potential to be able to determine in advance the space & time coordinates of the establishment of any entity – been an organization or company OR any project -been a business, investment, charity, school etc OR any event – been  a launch of a campaign, product, signing a deal, etc was thrilling.

That was what attracted WREAL’s attention and has put QTech`s computing resources to work on and it has successfully been able to determine the optimal “birth date, time and place” of all of its important entities, projects and events. Additionally WREAL upgraded the software into a 3 dimensional one uncovering valuable info which were not visible with 2 dimensional charts.

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