The cosmic, earth, energy and bodily cycles are too many to mention or even identify. However there are several key cycles that WREAL has placed more attention and interest. The approximate 2h cycle of the meridian flow (120.55797 min) appears to be composed by a number of smaller cycles.

It all starts with the 7.02 min cycle repeated 3 times and buffered from each other with a transition cycle of 0.4914 min (which is the 7% of the 7.02 cycle) .

The 6 such cycles alternating with each other compose a key cycle of 22.5342 min (also the physical biorhythm cycle).

Now 5 of these 22.5342 min cycles alternating with 5 buffer cycles of 1.577394 min (7% of the 22 min one) comprise a grand total of the 120.557970 min. These cycles are distributed in the following sequence:

7.02 min + (7%) 0.4914 min = 7.5114 min X 3 = 22.5342 min

22.5342 +(7%) 1.577394=24.111594   + (22.5342  + 1.577394 + 22.5342  + 1.577394 + 22.5342  + 1.577394) + 22.5342  + 1.577394 = 120.55797

The 3 pairs in the brackets compose the 72.334782 cycle which is also the major sleep cycle among others

All numbers mentioned above are 9 multiple numbers (when their composing numbers are added up)

Even the 7% is actually not a 7/100 but instead a 7/99999 which is 142857 which is a 9 number (and when doubled as 28.5714 is possibly composing the emotional biorhythm cycle and the moon cycles)

Although is a principally 9 number sequence, all 9 numbers are represented in this structure. There is ONE time 72.334782, TWO times 22.5342, THREE times 24.111594 within 72.334782, FOUR times the 7% buffer appears within the 24.111594, FIVE times the 1.577394 contained within the 120.55797, SIX times 7.5114 contained within 72.334782, SEVEN appears as the 7%, EIGHT times the 7% appears in the 120.55797 cycle as part of the 2 mirror 24.111594.



WREAL has extensively used the principles behind these cycles and combined them with the hexagonal geometric principles in its decisions ranging from financial trading, mathematical equilibriums in its business models, health systems and diverse theories verification. WREAL has frequently claimed that the universal language is only one –Harmonics which is a fusion of mathematics, sacred geometry and music. This language is comprehended anywhere in the universe as it reflects the Source`s vibration. So the closer we get ourselves and our consciousness to that vibration the closer we are in communion with the Source.


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