Manifestation essential laws

According to WREAL, the following 6 elements, Time, Space, Presence, Action, Money & Other Resources, are all considered essential for the manifestation of any project, investment or business undertaking as well as any event completion. Note” The reference to Money includes whichever transaction of any financial currency including W$

TIME: be present NOW, opportune time, proportion per d/m/y, total quantity bef/during

SPACE: be present HERE, Country, region, city, property location,

PRESENCE: concentration, see things honestly as they are, clarity/ability to calculate risks

ACTION: enthusiasm, commitment, disposed to make sacrifices, courage to assume risks, intensity, positive stress

MONEY: quantity, personal funds, funds of partners, borrowed funds

RESOURCES to substitute money: material resources, connections, experience, skills, self-knowing, creativity, alternatives

Element Quantity Measurement Each has a measurable value and its presence or absence determines the quantity of the invested energy. An honest assessment of values between 1and 9, with 9 been the highest and closest to the source of abundance. The total maximum value between the 6 elements is 54 and the minimum is 6. However in practice most frequently ranges between 9 and 27.

Quantity Measurement of success or failure. An accurate measurement should be objective and not according to one´s expectations which would distort the quantity of the produced energy.

So when calculating the addition of the value of each of the 6 elements

A “certain” success for example would carry a total value of at least 27 points.

A highly probable 75% success would carry a total value of 22.5 points

A 50% possibility of success or failure would carry a total value of 18 points

A highly probable 75% failure would carry a total value of 13.5 points

A “certain” failure would carry a total value of 9 points.

With less than 9 points a project cannot even start

The value of 18 seems to be the minimum requirement of invested energy marking success or failure and lack of that quantity requires further energy investment in one or more of its 6 forms. 18 may mean 2/3 strength of 3 elements or 1/3 of strength of 6 elements or whichever other combination

Perhaps the profit proportion is mathematically related to total energy invested in all its 6 forms.

A 27 score should equal an generous investment return (on average) of 324%

A 22.5 score should equal an investment return (on average) of 54%

A 18 score should equal an investment return (on average) of 0%

Each of the 6 elements is directly related with the nature of one of the 6 chinese elements.

Time-Water,   Space-Metal,   Presence-Earth,    Action-Heaven,    Money-Fire    and     Resources-Wood.

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