Creation & Beauty

Universal truth is what IS.
Its vibrational frequency – which is both light and sound – is expressed through mathematical laws of harmony.
These laws of harmony form archetypal shapes, geometrical forms which shape how reality presents itself to different dimensions.
These geometrical forms are not static but alive, constantly moving changing interactions but at any point/moment they are observed they freeze , crystalize to static representations giving the appearance of fixed objects.
These geometrical forms underlie the appearance of all objects and the wisdom of their creation presents itself as beauty.
Once this immense diversity of beauty is recognized, its wisdom is effortlessly revealed and appreciated .
Suddenly all the beautiful fragments magically connect.
Beauty becomes the glue that voids the illusion of separation.
Beauty becomes what awakens love. Recognition of beauty can only bring love of beauty.
Recognition of the beauty in everything creates the effortless love of beauty of the whole
Love pass through beauty.
You love everything beautiful & everything you love is beautiful.
Beauty is not however a conditional perception based on social, personal or other bias. Beauty is the diversity itself , the wise equilibrium of all representations.
Beauty is the wisdom of the fragments interacting.
We can create beauty only when we recognize beauty in everything.
We can conclude that everything is illusionary and futile OR everything is real, beautiful and purposeful.
Both statements are half accurate. The truth is composed by both no matter how distinctively disparate they seem. Holding a mutual all-inclusive view of both is probably the answer. No choice needs to be made and no judgment is required as well.
Life if both futile & beautiful. Utterly meaningless yet brilliantly purposeful.

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