Health’s true purpose is to serve as a vehicle and facilitate spiritual transcendence
which requires that the body & mind operate at lighter vibrational frequency rates.
On the one hand, health is no yardstick of spiritual awareness
but on the other hand spiritual awareness cannot be attained or sustained without a certain level of physical health.
Nothing external can cause anything positive or negative to our body or psyche unless we clearly and intensively believe that it does.
The ruling system wants productive people with a minimum level of health but is not interested in their spiritual evolution.
Consequently over the last 2-3 decades it has hijacked the holistic medicine industry by taking over its education, licensing, & manufacturing apparatus and mainstreaming it by using its media control. It has been one of the most subtle sinister schemes and one of the most brilliant financial & macroeconomic decisions.

Above all nutrients responsible for the basic functions of the human body, namely proteins, carbohydrates, fats as well as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids & trace minerals,
is the ATP – composed by the conversion of all food/drink into glucose and the oxygen breathed

Above ATP is the neurotransmitter system controlled by the pituitary gland, which is been directed by the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is controlled by the Pineal gland, which gets activated by Universal light/prana/chi, responsible for creating all cosmic life. Without the pineal gland nothing can possible work in our human body. It is the master chip that boots our operating system

The Body is a musical organ
Its different positions correspond to different distinct vibrations and
each movement towards a different direction represents a different musical combination.
The neck/throat and the waist are the key vibrational conjunctions in terms of importance
There are 2 basic principles: positions and movements between positions.
Positions seem to be like musical keys and movements between them compose a symphony with infinite combinations.

We can feel that release of the karma inside our own body, which again is not ours but a vibrational symphony of the cosmos. In that way we can truly feel the beginning of the conjunction of the Mind, Soul and Source all coexisting in our body…which is no longer “our” body but rather is “The body”
It is healing for its own sake, not because someone is healing someone else. It is healing because it activates the higher vibration of everything that comes into some sort of physical or thought contact with.

The body is not just important. It is everything. The entire storehouse of the Source is in the body.
It is already downloaded and awaits activation.
It is exactly where they overlap the Soul, the Mind and the Source.

WREAL believes that behind all diseases is the absence of creativity.
There is no such thing as disease and everything is a healing process no matter if is conscious or unconscious.
“Disease” is simply our pretension that we don’t recognize and we deny our choice path that lead us through this particular type of uncomfortable “disease experience”.
Healing is the acceptance and recognition of our choice path. Healing of a “chronic disease” traces the exact stages of the disease experience but in reverse and in faster speed through what is called healing crisis.

Healing crises are chosen and invited by our inner self
Health cannot be restored without experiencing some sort of healing crisis. It is like an infected wound: if we decide to heal it by disinfecting it, it will hurt for a while, but leaving it unattended would hurt more over the long term.
Health is about empowerment & awareness rather than attempts to fix something wrong.

Intoxication cannot possibly affects us unless we invite it and welcome it for whatever conscious or unconscious reason, no matter how absurd or self-destructive it may be.
We make a fundamental decision in regards to the vibrational frequency band within which we choose to operate . These decisions override anything else that could alter the frequency band chosen and set in motion a set of circumstances and events to ensure that this frequency is maintained within the defined range.
That chosen frequency range defines how we experience life “internally” and “externally”.
No intoxication substance or process or emotion has any independent power over us unless we authorize and assign to it such power. We are entirely free to choose and are bound by the responsibility for those choices.
We can choose to feel empowered or powerless.


The purpose of detoxification is not to get rid of toxicity.
The purpose of detoxing is to recognize the parts of ourselves that have served us in the past, so we can evolve from where we are now and choose to move onto a wider sphere of existence
In fact, the “toxic” energy accumulated inside of us doesn’t go away,
it simply transmutes into a lighter form more useful to our current needs and choices.

Fasting has always been an essential ingredient of most spiritual practices since ancient times and is based on the recognition of the body is the “temple of our consciousness.”
The body needs to be adequately prepared to sustain different levels of spiritual experiences.
Once fasting commences, the real cleansing work of fasting is done by our consciousness, our inner healing mechanism.

“Hunger” occurs in cycles in 4½ hours, 9 hours, 18 hours, 36 hours, 3¼ days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 6 weeks & so on.
The feeling of hunger is mentally -rather than physically- based, because we can intentionally bypass it. Long-term fasters, liquidarians and breatharians are living proof of this.
After 18 hours the body stops producing gastric juices and the sensation of hunger magically stops.
A critical point is the 36-hour stage, after which the actual cellular detoxification is activated and the lymphatic system starts moving substantial quantities of toxins.

Other detox methods include
Purging salt detox, Magnesium Sulfate & Magnesium Oxide detox, Colon cleansing detox,
Diaphoresis (Transdermal) Skin detox, Derivation (Flushing) Skin detox, Diuresis (Urination) detox, Urine therapeutic detox, Venesection (blood letting ) detox, Vamana therapeutic emesis (vomiting ) detox, Bodywork detox, Energy field detox, Breathing detox, Vibrational devices detox, Oxygen detox, EBOO Ozonation detox.

Humans have been programmed to this belief system, so every 4 ½ -5 hours we experience a sensation that we have learned to interpret as hunger which we need to satisfy by eating some quantity of solid food.
If we delay that satisfaction, the levels of dopamine rise, increasing our stress and prompting us to seek satisfaction. When we finally eat, our levels of serotonin rise as well, creating an equilibrium obtained exactly in the same way and with the same chemistry as with any addiction.

If hunger was a real necessity, as it has been believed, then our body would react in a consistent way placing that necessity and threat of bodily harm beyond any other consideration. So what purpose serves eating solid food then? It is all about vibration frequencies.
We as a species choose to operate in a certain frequency range and we need to sustain that choice by using food, sex & certain emotions in a regular manner in order to sustain the maintenance of that frequency.

Emotions are also linked to food and sex and they serve the same purpose of sustaining a certain vibrational frequency zone by their periodic activation. It is not simply food we ingest, it is also emotions and beliefs.

If we could understand and accept addiction as a form of guidance, it would no more constitute a problem but it would provide us with a powerful tool and reservoir of energy leading us to our inner path with intensity, speed and accuracy. Our experience of loss of control in the addictive process is actually a symbolic one, our need to surrender & merge with the Source. Without loss of control, we cannot grow, we cannot transcend to our potential.

Living in addiction and pretending that we are helpless is dishonest as it hides the fact that we want and need that sense of loss of control, no matter how we misrepresent it to ourselves & the world. The lie is the pretension that we don’t know.
Is addiction is the way to forget OR the way to remember? Perhaps both.
Our biggest fear is not of the failure to unite with the ONE but just the opposite, to be discovered and exposed of the biggest pretension of all, our innate ability to unite with the ONE.

Spiritual frequencies are activated in correspondingly increasing depths, through
Vegetarianism, Veganism, Raw food, Fruitarianism, Liquidarianism, Waterianism & Breatharianism

Because digestion is usually rapid, frequent meals are required (between 2-4 hours-depending on the fruit type, the quantity consumed and most importantly the combination . Also essential for the proper organ equilibrium is some herbal & minerals support and the balance of all 6 tastes, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy and astringent.

Drinks (depending on their composition) should be even more frequent than fruit meals (1-3h) as the digestion becomes very rapid, due to the lack of digestive juices of the saliva during chewing plus the stomach as it does not need to break down complex food. Mineral & Herbal support to balance the shift to extreme yin, is essential.

Fuel is produced by the water been broken down and its hydrogen fused with the oxygen breathed in through the lungs, creating an alternative form of ATP fuel. Waterianism changes the game of life as nutrition. Vitamins, minerals, EFA, enzymes seize to be the sustaining life force and is substituted by prana. Of course it becomes difficult to stay solely on water for prolonged time periods without some form of spiritual practice and most importantly solitude and silence.

It is widely believed and medically claimed that the human body cannot sustain life without water for more than 3 days and this barrier is an absolute one. Living without any solid food, or liquids or even water crosses clearly the barrier of life as we are meant to perceive. However the breatharian movement of the 1990’s has debunked that myth.
The lack of water eliminates even the hydrogen as a fuel source with the only possible source left to be the air itself.
In any case surviving and be well without water signifies that a totally different physiological process is underway which resembles photosynthesis during which plants can absorb sunlight in order to synthesize nutrients.
Most likely this process is resembled by absorption of light from the pineal gland.

Beyond breath
What use would one have of air to breathe and create ATP if one can absorb and metabolize chi directly?
Air seems to be the last illusion to overcome because air simply carries or better said “camouflages” the presence of the Chi which exists beyond air and time. Timeless presence -beyond ego, definitely needs no breathing air to sustain itself.
Pranayama & Taoist meditation techniques as well as shamanic rituals have proven an access to this breathless state.

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