Addiction is a gift we ask for and can use

Addiction is a gift

Addiction has been always ostracized in our society as a state of weakness, lack of control, moral decay, disease.

The definition of what constitutes addiction has been the inability to control excessive dependence or behavior and succumb to it. Society has classified as principal addictions tobacco smoking, alcohol, drugs recreational & medical, gambling, and eating disorders. However addiction is a behavior that permeates all our lives in socially accepted or unaccepted expressions.

Almost everything we do has either elements of addiction or avoidance of it.

In fact addiction is a magnificent tool of awareness & an opportunity for growth, our inner guidance towards raising the stakes & approach life with passion & intensity.

Our experience of loss of control in that process is actually a symbolic one, our need to surrender and merge with the Source.

If we could understand and accept addiction as a form of guidance, it would no more constitute a problem but additionally & most importantly it would provide us with a powerful tool and reservoir of energy leading us to our inner path with intensity, speed and accuracy.

The dopamine – serotonin neurotransmitters actually hold the key to our evolution.

Living in addiction and pretending that we are helpless is dishonest as it hides the fact that we want and need that sense of loss of control, no matter how we misrepresent it to ourselves and the world.

On the other end of the spectrum living far from addiction represent our fear of loss of control, living a life of low dopamine & serotonin in order to avoid exposing ourselves to the endangerment of the loss of control and its possible consequences of the unknown. But without loss of control, we cannot grow, we cannot transcend to our potential.

Our society should be transformed in one whereas addiction should be demystified, understood, encouraged as a conscious addiction to life itself , filling us with passion about life, liberating us from fear of loss of control and the unknown and utilized to lead us all as individuals and as a society towards our true potential state of being.

An interesting question to reflect upon is whether addiction is the way to forget OR the way to remember? Perhaps both.

On the one hand we need addictions/obsessions to raise the stakes of our alertness and trigger intensely our neurotransmitters

On the other hand we need the obsessions to ground us here and we carefully choose them, otherwise we may “accidentally” remember the lie we have been telling ourselves

The lie is in the pretention that we don’t know. We DO know and this is the secret to be covered up really deep and well.

Most likely our biggest fear is not of the failure to unite with the ONE but just the opposite, been discovered, and exposed of the biggest pretention of all, our ability to do unite with the ONE.

The cruel honesty is to confront exactly that. That we don’t want to come close enough because then we won’t be able to pretend that we don’t know. The whole point is keep a certain distance which will cover-up the truth.

Of course when we say “we” it gets confusing. On the level of ONE, there is no separation and the whole truth is known. That part of “I” which is part of the ONE knows that.

However the journey into the Soul level, which endlessly seeking “redemption for its sins”, “healing of its wounds” “finding the way back to the ONE”, “doubting that it deserves redemption”, “doubting that GOD loves it”, “doubting that there is  “GOD” and so on needs to create “obstacles”, create “” time to delay the inevitable

Coming back to the contradiction of the opposing, it seems that all the conflicts we experience are simply the manifestation of our inability to accept both polarities co-existing at the “same time” and occupying the “same space”. The ability to do that frees us from judgement & righteousness. But truly only identifying with the ONE allows us to do that

The illusion of the external and the internal, the “ours” and of the “others” is so fundamental on how we perceive reality and how we interpret what happens – especially when it touches what we call evil.

We either believe that we are “causing” the evil with our ignorance, lack of will, lack of virtue etc etc OR

That there is evil outside of us attacking us and we need to protect ourselves and perhaps others from it.

We choose one belief or the other.

It does not occur to us that both beliefs are the same because WE and the OTHERS are manifestations of the same energy. It is pointless to try to figure out what is true, because both are and none is.

Perhaps the key is to keep surrendering to the ONE but also wisely prepare both the body & the brain to deal with the new enhanced reality. They work hand in hand. Surrendering to the ONE provides the guidance and the wisdom on how to take the right steps at the right time while these steps release and let go energy that used to block the way, making it easier to surrender further.

Food is our strongest addiction

For the ones who still consider themselves righteous and free from addiction, they should be reminded of the addiction of eating, a habit that is very difficult to kick as it has been reinforced by a global belief system entrenched in our DNA.

Humans have been programmed to the belief system that perpetuates this addiction that every 4 ½ -5 hours we experience a sensation that we have learned to interpret as hunger which we need to satisfy by eating solid food.

If we delay that satisfaction, the levels of dopamine rise, increasing our stress and prompting us to seek satisfaction.

When we finally eat, our levels of serotonin rise as well creating an equilibrium obtained exactly in the same way and with the same chemistry as with any addiction. Frequently young children resist that addiction by refusing to eat or doing it under extreme pressure but eventually with age succumb to it. The withdrawal symptoms of not been able to satisfy hunger are physical weakness, emotional irritation, mental confusion and they start in approx 4.5 hours after the last normal solid food meal and peak over the next 10 hours – which represents 3 missed meals, after which the hunger all of a sudden subsides or disappears and the body automatically shifts into fasting mode. It’s a common experience to the people fasting that don’t experience hunger although have been without solid food and with barely diluted juices for many days, weeks or months.

If hunger was a real necessity, as it has been believed , then our body would react in a consistent way placing that necessity and threat of bodily harm beyond any other consideration. So in a nutshell addiction is an integral part of our human experience and the way to approach it should be one of honesty and willingness to learn from it and grow rather than feeling helpless victims or righteous moral fakes.

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