Life is child-prioritized

The usual misconception which all adults have, that children when are born, don’t know anything and need to be taught about life by the adults is so gravely flawed.

Children come to this human dimension because they choose on a “soul level” or another dimension, to do just that.

They have designed a very clear path that incorporates the 2 fundamental choices

a) the key people they will interact with b) the key experiences they have chosen to have in this human dimension.

It seems that the human set of “cosmic constitutional laws” governing the priorities and overriding principles of the human dimension, place absolute priority to the young children’s fundamental choices for a number of years probably around 6 or 7 during which the “circumstances” of their lives are “set-up” in an almost “hypnotic” fashion, to ensure that their chosen circumstances have a sufficiently fertile environment for the experiences to be manifested now or later.

The adults surrounding the children have actually been somehow ”disabled” from interfering with the creation of the chosen environment by the children. Their individual adult needs are temporarily voided or placed on a secondary priority and none of the events or circumstances they choose or have pre-chosen can possibly interfere with the destiny of the children during their first few years. The adults` lives are placed on an automatic pilot serving as a supportive mechanism for the manifestation of the children’s fundamental environment which would serve them later to manifest their path.

Although these adults think they have consciousness and control of the circumstances affecting these children, they don’t have any more other than the one that each of these children has predetermined to be crucial for his/her development.

The children already have factored-in all the circumstances and events which will be taking place in that life before they even start it. All the support, all the obstacles all the traumas have already been pre-chosen by each child’s Soul dimension before entering this human dimension and during its early childhood, they are protected by unpredictable events and circumstances that may derail their fundamental path unfoldment.

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