Childhood is NOT an age definition.
Is a spiritual state of Being.

Our children are not “our” children.
They are not extensions of our ego-self and our illusionary desires, hopes and fears.
They are independent, fully developed souls with their specific evolutionary journeys.
Our ignorance and arrogance interferes with their soul’s purpose.

Children don’t need our twisted, selfish, arrogant sense of “love”.
They need our respect and recognition.
We can only love them to the extent we love and respect our inner self, our inner child.

Children have always been the most
harmed, oppressed, exploited & helpless class of human beings

We adults believe that when children are born, don’t know anything and
need to be taught about life by us adults.
The only thing an adult can teach a child is about human experience, nothing more.
Everything else is already known to the child.

We adults constantly cripple children’s confidence, creativity, passion and free spirit
out of ignorance, fear and insecurity
but we still pretend we want them to grow into independent, self-confident, powerful adults.

In terms of education, life itself is the vehicle of education.
By nature, children are curious, creative and intelligent beings.
Teaching can only be in the form of humbly sharing our experiences,
rather than transmitting objective knowledge.

Every child has an infinite wisdom in a body with just a little human experience.
The role of each adult is to recognize and respect that wisdom and
assist the child to grow and gain human experience
without losing the connection with the infinite wisdom.

Children come to this human dimension because they choose on a “soul level” to do just that.
They have designed a very clear path that incorporates the 2 fundamental choices
a) the key people they will interact with
b) the key experiences they have chosen to have in this human dimension.

Childhood revolves to a significant degree around play.
There may be biochemical reasons that instigate the need for play
OR it may as well be that play itself instigate the biochemical changes observed in childhood

Life is child-prioritized
The adults surrounding the children until the age of 7 have actually been somehow “disabled” from interfering with the creation of the chosen environment by the children’s Soul dimension. .

Childhood represents OUR most
Joyful, free, creative, uninhibited, passionate, fulfilling, loving, enthusiastic, empowered
& present state of being.

Isn’t Childhood as a state of being
what defines us as human beings in our most empowered state?
Isn’t what we should be aspiring to be?
Isn’t what we should treasure inside ourselves & in all children who already possess it?

In terms of spiritual life and evolution, children aren’t simply equal to adults.
They actually have a much greater potential than adults
to heal and to teach us how to deal with the ongoing global vibrational shifts

We desperately need children to show us the way, because they know how.
They mirror our Soul (our inner child).
Our inner child knows too, although is usually a painful experience for adults
to allow full-uninhibited expression of their inner child.

Children reflect infinite wisdom, awakening the adults` inner child
reminding us what is essential &
how to avoid becoming lost in the human experience.

Children are the purest reflection of life in human form.
Every time we approach children with respect,
we gain access to the vastness of cosmic wisdom.

Children are the key to the evolution of our species.
Children need to learn human experiences to serve their soul’s evolution.
Adults need to remember why they have been learning their human experience.

We Adults are lost children who have no chance of evolving
unless we get in touch with our inner child and help other children not to become lost.

We need to initiate and facilitate the emerging of a child-focused culture.
A culture that identifies children as the closer link between our Souls and the Universal Source.
A culture that encourages and supports child-like creativity and spontaneity.
A culture that trusts children to heal and lead our civilization

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