We still see the environment as something passive, defenceless, a victim of our power.
More than that we consider the environment as something external from us for which we feel responsible, ready to feel guilty if we fail to protect it and ready to blame someone for been the aggressor. We ignore that the earth biosphere has an homeostasis just like our human field protecting and regulating its function. Going even further the entire planet (as well as all celestial life) is an energetic field modulated by mathematics
Ignorance and arrogance motivates so much of our human behavior that is no surprise that
we treat the environment as abusively as we treat each other and ourselves.


As an answer to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, WREAL contests that there is no SIN, no Paradise & Hell, no Judgment and no need for guilt or blame or judgment, no need to feel unworthy, no need to punish ourselves or others.
Honesty, Compassion, Humility and Gratitude are essential but the rest are tools of exploitation.
WREAL`s answer to Buddhism is that in fact there is NO suffering, there is NO cause of suffering other than that is a simple program that the Soul dimension has adopted and believes is true. Therefore there is NO end to it and NO path out of it because it has not existed. Going deeper than that, there is no actual karma but is only an illusion of the Soul in order to maintain the perpetuating interaction with the other souls.


WREAL`s EduTrainGroup made it its mission to expose that manipulation and free children and adults from its enslavement. Education starts from infancy with the focus to awaken, strengthen and encourage infants and toddlers to remember their innate spiritual identity and discover all the subsequent abilities for heightened sensory and extrasensory perception, psychic abilities, close & remote healing .
Most importantly discover the “sound of truth” which has a vibrational frequency to which we can be attuned.
Ultimate goal of learning is to streamline neural activity across both the biological & the digital networks with uploading and downloading to be seamless. Whatever is needed for biological function or digital function could be accessed through the “Qloud” as the gateway to the Cloud of Consciousness, which encompass all aspects of energy


WREAL has returned Justice to its original concept and purpose. To raise the spiritual awareness that we are not isolated humans but instead we are Soul reflections of the Universal source in a holographic manner and all our apparent differences are simply reflections of light giving an illusionary appearance of a range of colors.
WREAL expanded the judicial rulings which are called “Adjustments” by introducing the concept under which these Adjustments are made by the quarrelling or culprit parties themselves through a self-awareness process involving meditations, shamanic rituals and emotional healing. So rather than passing a sentence, they are given the opportunity to access their inner core and realize the unity.


Crime is not a side effect of society`s function. It is a mirror of society. We fail to see it because we are all in denial. If we could pay attention we could learn a lot from crime, it could be a tool of awareness.
WREAL has been working on experimental forms of “adjustment”, such as
utilizing Virtual Reality as a tool of protection of human life in case of murders and sexual abuses.
Psychic clairvoyants have been training Deep Learning AI machines for years in order to determine the energetic patterns that lead to murders and intercept them in space-time before occurrence


Money in its current monetary currency form is based on scarcity, there is simply too little of it available and that artificial scarcity serves as a way of the few to exercise power over the entire global population with a single tool of control.
Scarcity is the problem that generates our poverty, slavery, dependence, disequilibrium and sense of loss.
However according to WREAL the real nature of money is wealth and wealth cannot possibly be an element of scarcity but is instead an element of abundance.
The WREAL economic system eliminated poverty by recognizing and assigning an intrinsic value in every person no matter of its education, experience, age, sex, race or color and that each person is capable of producing a direct human energy service, irrelevant of means of production or information.


Beyond the obvious equality rights of humans beyond race, gender, ethnicity, social class, religion, culture, age, weight, appearance, WREAL emphasized the equality rights of children, who have always been the most harmed, oppressed, exploited & helpless class of human beings.
It also emphasized the equality rights of every living being, not just animals but also plants, minerals, wáter, air.
On a human level we are born equal and are worth equally but then our willingness to appreciate, give & share that worthdefines our value as human beings and make us more worthy and valuable to the rest of our society.


Freedom depends on our level of responsibility – the ability and honesty to see things as closely to what they are and then make conscious choices and live with those choices and their consequences . Recognizing what suits us and accepting these consequences brings peace, eliminates or diminishes denial and brings a sense of freedom and joy about ones choices. These choices don’t have to be perfect, not even the “right” ones, they just have to be honest and conscious in order to free one from the reaction to their undesired side effects because these side effects have been factored in as part of the choices.


Sexual energy is in fact Spiritual Creative energy. Dissolving and losing your identity during the sexual act, in a space of love, is a dissolution of duality and a fusion with the Source. There is no difference between sexuality & spirituality , so the way we behave sexually enhances or drains our souls` spiritual evolution. However, sex as an energy frequency program has been used by humans for centuries as a tool of exercising power, manipulation & control by both men and women.
The “need” for sex same as for food have been vibrationally locking-in human consciousness in a certain frequency range.
WREAL legalized prostitution but provided health & spiritual education to spiritual workers elevating their role in society.


The problem with the institution of marriage is that it has been accumulating an energetic charge over hundreds if not thousands of years and it has entrenched these above scripted values in it. When 2 people getting married today they are not getting married just the 2 of them. They instead energetically download the entire collective memory bank of everyone who has been married . This is usually why people`s behavior changes after marriage, they are not fully themselves anymore. They have been contaminated with the collective memories of billions of people over centuries.
WREAL promoted and encouraged people to choose their own ceremonies to celebrate their love & commitment.


Was developed as an offshoot of the SelfWorth system. Inspired by a book and a subsequent movie called Pay-It-Forward revolving around a young boy´s vision on how to change the world by simply helping in a serious, concrete and unconditional way 3 people. WREAL adopted the concept and gave it a new spin and focus and made it a part of its spiritual & social philosophy, building an entire movement around it. Each person who wanted to participate in the Share it movement would have to make 3 offers, one to 3 people.The 3 offers would have to be:
Unconditional (without self-credit, self-gratification, arrogance)
– Without expectations (of being appreciated, been received or that it would be passed on to others)
– Persist until all 3 times are received and acknowledged

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