Virtually all humans believe that money holds a power over them & rules their decisions, priorities & lives in general. Money has become responsible for everything good & evil in our lives, ruling our emotions, physical health, mental clarity and spiritual peace.
Its possession or lack of it appears as been solely able to create or resolve the most serious problems in our lives.
Our entire life is about money or better is an expression of money.

What we need in life is not money/cash and we don’t need to enslave ourselves to it.
We need food, shelter, safety, contentment, peace and love.
We can meet these needs by focusing exactly on what we need, directly relating with each other
and not on the cash “required to buy those needs”.

The illusion about money is not about its importance but about its nature.
Money in its current monetary currency form is based on scarcity, there is too little of it.
However according to WREAL the real nature of money is wealth and
wealth cannot possibly be an element of scarcity but is instead an element of abundance.

The ancient greek word for money is χρῆμα which has the meaning of usage &
originates from χρέος which means debt.
Basically that means is that you use something which is not yours and you have to give back.
The significance of that concept is fundamental as it actually means that
the energy you receive is a gift for which you need to be grateful and you have the cosmic obligation to share and give it to others because it does not belong to you.
This is what enriches you and the others and is the foundation of abundance.

We have been led to believe that when we are born we are nothing, know nothing and worth nothing.
We instead believe that each human life since its birth has an inherent worth,
an amount of energy that can be utilized daily in a variety of different ways.
That value offered to us by Life itself can fluctuate
depending on how wise, appreciative & sharing we are in its utilization.

The universe will give us as much as we ask based on 3 conditions:
a) what we truly need (not just desire)
b) what we are worth ( our overall abilities, time & energy invested & willingness to make a difference around us)
c) the exact amount of energy we can handle

The energetic relationship between employers & employees
has always been one of mutual mistrust & exploitation
the employer plays the role of trying to extract the maximum value of work from his employees at the minimum cost possible and even cheat the employee whenever he can get away with it and
the employee plays the role of trying to avoid any work or time unsupervised, extract the maximum amount of money possible by any legal or illegal or immoral means he can get away with.
We are ready for a new Self-employment paradigm based on Self-worth.

There is an intrinsic value in every person no matter of its education, experience, age, sex, race or color
Each person is capable of producing a direct human energy service
We are born every day with a daily economic self-worth which diminishes depending on how we use it.
We can offer it in some form, or use it personally or invest it socially productively or convert it to cash
and those actions determine its value in different proportions.

Each human receives from the universe and processes daily an amount of electromagnetic energy
which his human body requires in order to stay alive & well.
That same energy contains a credit of daily economic worth,
to sustain the practical aspects of the human life – just like oxygen necessary to breathe.

Assigning a intrinsic value to each person in terms of time , makes them capable to trade a significant part of that assigned wealth into a system that recognizes and accounts that value and those trades.
It resembles Say’s law concept that “supply creates its own demand”
WREAL by boosting supply (as value) forced demand to follow on a macroeconomic level.

The cosmic energy value is abundant and we all have an inherent right to it but
the more we honor and recycle back that energy through unconditionality, trust and service
the more rights we retain and can access for our needs.
The more we entrap ourselves into the scarcity principles of the economic systems seeking cash to meet our needs and satisfy our fears, the more we separate from the source and cosmic principle of abundance.
The more noble and giving is its usage the more value it retains.

WREAL$ Valuation based on its usage

We start our day with 1,188 W$ (universal energy units) = USD 1,188 in 2020
459 W$ (nearly 40%) are consumed in the sustaining of your human body.
We are left with 729W$ for interactive use.
We may choose different forms of using that energy
which determine its value in different proportions.
– If we unconditionally donate it as DHES (direct human energy service) is worth 729 W$
-If we barter/exchange it for direct human energy service only is worth 648 W$
(Not for products or other services but only for direct human energy services)
-If we invest it in a productive long-term 10y + investment is worth 567 W$
(Productive meaning that provides tangible benefits for the society)
-If we invest it in a productive short-term investment is worth 486 W$
(Short-term does not mean speculative and still has to create tangible social benefits)
-If we barter it for products or other indirect services is worth 405 W$
-If we use it as a discount voucher is worth 324 W$
– If we spend/ consume it is worth 243 W$
-if we use it to generate/obtain scarcity currency/cash- only is worth 162 W$
-if we convert it into a scarcity currency/cash is worth 81 W$
OBTAIN it without earning it
– If we inherit it is worth 27 W$
-if we gamble it to obtain cash is worth 9 W$
-if we steal to obtain it in cash or any other form is worth 1 W$


The value of each person´s worth became increasingly a tradable commodity,
which was assessed & quantified by the laws of demand & supply like a stock or bond.
That commodity could then be traded in a “human capital marketplace” and gradually could be
bartered, auctioned, discounted, invested, lent, borrowed, mortgaged, leased, placed on option, insured, donated.

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