On Learning & growth

On the Absolute reality layer, the impermanence and Maya are a given, beyond any doubt and from that perspective, in that layer of reality, there is ultimate freedom from all rules – we don’t even need to break any because there are not any- and we can design any interactive videogame we want to play, or play none at all.

Our freedom reaches up to this point. On the moment we choose a particular game, we become bound to the rules and restrictions of that particular game and its purposes. If we have decided to play chess, we cannot decide arbitrarily to change the rules of chess to our benefit or convenience, knowing well its rules and that’s why we chose it in the first place.

Any second thoughts we have about it while inside the game are manifestations of dishonesty, denial and any attempts to escape it or change it in mid-stream are futile. We are free to exit it and choose another game or choose no game and be pure stardust, but while we make a choice, any choice, we are bound by its rules.

Our dishonesty becomes even more apparent when we choose the same game again and again and we always get frustrated by its rules. We are free to exit the game and never go back to play it. Why we repeat it ? A hope that its rules will somehow change? A hope that we may enjoy it better this time around ? A hope that the other player will play differently, more to our liking ?

We ought to embrace our videogame choices and be at peace with them even under the most challenging circumstances, even though we may have forgotten why we made those choices, we cannot claim ignorance, we have to own them and take full responsibility for them and NO Absolute reality freedom can salvage us from that inner honesty, that wherever we are and whatever we experience is of our own making.

So from the Absolute reality level, it makes no difference which video game we choose and of course none of its outcomes is important but while within the videogame, there are relative layers of significance. It does matter how well we play the game according to its chosen purpose for which we decided to play it and within these parameters there is learning and growth in contrast to the Absolute realm where growth and learning is in fact an illusion. The more centered in the present moment we are while  playing the game, the better access we have towards clarity, wisdom, imagination and creativity, all of which originating from the Absolute reality of the Void. That connection with the Absolute manifests though the videogame layer as learning and growth – in its relative terms of course.

On another angle of reflection, what if … choices we make here in this relative realm as humans actually are meant to be serving another relative dimension that needs feedback (lets say…over there they have no physical bodies or no genders etc etc) . So everything we “cause”/do and experience here serves not our human needs but the needs of another dimension intending to “effect” there. Perhaps that is why we frequently experience “failure” or incompletion of the manifestation of our energy. Perhaps because it does not manifest here for us to see, it does not mean that it does not affect another relative reality for which is actually purposed .

On the reverse we sometimes get strong and consistent glimpses of distinct relative realities, through dreams, visions etc which we experience as more real than even our ‘waking” human life. What if these experiences are the “effect” of choices “caused”/made in those realities with the intention to be experienced here, while over there they experience the same frustration of “failure” and incompletion as above ?

Both things may be possible and at constant play and if so, then the entire interaction between the Absolute and the Relative grows into this multiverse where everything affects everything and whatever we experience is both significant and insignificant and equally so.

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