We are co creators

It needs to be emphasized that we are co-creators at all levels, so a bare passive surrender to the Source does not accurately describe what happens. We can surrender the ego trips for control, we can even surrender the Soul hysterias for fixing things BUT truly there is no surrender on the Source level. It is more of an interactive platform where everything plays a role to the final mix. So when consciousness operating in the human dimension identifies an energy blockage (which by habit it will most likely perpetuate) and it has reached the point of its completion, then time or waiting becomes a useless commodity because belief and concentrated intention can shift the energy blockage “quicker” (within time) or instantly (outside of time).

It is like a crowd of executives uploading their creative work for consideration by the Director. If the idea is bold, clear, and it is well-timed it will be considered and chosen. There is no arrogance or desire to control behind this uploading. What the executive believes can boldly present it.

It has though to be BOLD, to be ORIGINAL, to be USEFUL and to be WELL TIMED

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