On the Soul dimension

On the Illusion of the Soul`s separation from the Source

Each Soul feels that it is has become separate from the Source and although it remembers that it has been once united, it is agonizing to try to find how to reunite. The pain is real but the assumption is an illusion.

Each Soul has momentarily “split” from the Source just like a breath is split-up into an inspiration and an expiration. Every expiration feels like a separation and it seems that it does not even retain the memory of the inspiration that is an experience of reuniting.

But perhaps trying to be more specific, the “split” and the “fusion” are not from the Source but from a “cluster of Souls” that are one but work as a team dividing tasks between them with each one focusing on a particular set during the “expiration period” before returning and sharing it with the others during the “inspiration”

Of course each Soul split itself and creates or better said “uses” particular “incarnations to manifest physically and slow down the energy flow perhaps with the intention to study it better, observe it more carefully, dissect it and upload it during the “inspiration phase” of each  incarnation.

So yes, we are one undivided and we are separated temporarily and just like the breath , it can exist in only one state –either inspiration or expiration.

We can visualize it as a puzzle that composes one picture which fragments into many pieces and reassemble and again fragment and reassemble –in a blink on/blink off fashion, like a expiration/inspiration breathing pattern. Like the water of a sea or a lake being evaporated (separated) and then coming back as rain droplets(reuniting) with the sea/lake.

Beyond the theoretical importance of all of this, the practical significance in regards to the relation of the Souls is more essential. We are not an independent separate Soul, we are all the souls – although in different degrees. Some souls as a closer and stronger force, some further and weaker force. Of course even that is not in absolute terms but relative to the point of reference we consider our core soul. From other points of reference, the strength and closeness appears different.

Actually this realization defragments the separation and confusion about who is who.

The identification is with the energy that penetrates and creates these souls and expresses itself through them. No need to absorb or live their karma, no more than there is a need to live “our” soul’s karma. The fusion of these souls back to their source through the inspiration phase and their re-creation through the expiration phase is perhaps all that is needed.

But is important to activate the connecting frequency to attune them all to the Source frequency

And then surrender the point of reference being “my” soul. When the point of reference becomes so fused that is no longer related to any of the souls but instead to the Soul dimension itself which is a little fluctuating vibrational frequency range, a program of expression of the Source.

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